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A Successful Financial Presentation Part 2

The guidelines I’m going to cover play an important role: they will help you turn all that dry, boring financial data into a great story. Because people react to stories. Certainly, better than data. Data will appeal to analysts, but I’ve found that to engage your audience, you need to put human context into numbers. And even data analysts aren’t just analysts – they’re people. And they are interested in stories about events and people. And how do I do that? Well, for starters, I …

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A Successful Financial Presentation Part 1

Introduction Financial presentations are all about data and numbers. How you present this information is critical to attracting your audience. The information presented should resonate with your audience and by the end of the presentation, you should know what the numbers and data mean. While financial presentations can often be complex, is a good idea to keep them relevant as this keeps your audience engaged. When creating your next financial presentation, you need to consider these attributes in order for it to be a success. Clarify The Goals Why are you are presenting this data and why is important? This …

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