Voice and Accent Expert Patrick Munoz

Voice and Accent Expert Patrick Munoz

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The following is a time-coded transcript of the interview:
0:00is it really possible to change your accent to change your tone of voice
0:12speaking the show about effective speaking in public to the media
0:20at work and in life
0:24speaking with TJ Walker
0:29the first thing I do it every media training or presentation training is
0:34record people speaking and add them listen to it and make notations of what
0:38do they like what do they not like it’s frankly rare that people don’t dislike
0:44their voice they don’t like their tone of voice
0:48they don’t like how it sounds nasal quality you name it
0:53people don’t like their voices now I’ve always caution them up
0:59time out your voice isn’t that bad let’s focus on actually saying something
1:04that’s relatively an easy problem to solve
1:07vocal problems accent issues can be hard and difficult but they can be worked on
1:14they can be improved my guest today is an expert i’m not an expert on changing
1:19people’s accent changing their vocal qualities my expert
1:23my guest today is an expert on that let’s dive right into the interview in
1:28just a moment but remember as always we take all of your questions here at
1:33speaking with TJ Walker any questions to do with public speaking speaking to the
1:37media crisis communications i used to do is send them to me
1:40TJ at media training worldwide com or on twitter at TJ Walker now let’s hop into
1:48my conversation with Patrick Munoz expert out in Hollywood he’s trained
1:52some of the top stars and he has a new book out I wanted to bring to your
1:57it’s called accent American the complete guide to speaking the standard American
2:03accent Patrick thanks for joining us SI je veux having me i’m excited to Peter
2:07and talk to you
2:08I’ve had clients over the air say TJ I want to change my accent I’m really
2:13worried about it
2:15my standard advice has been
2:17focus on having an interesting speech first and as long as people can
2:24understand you
2:26that’s the bigger issue but there are some people who let’s face it or just
2:31hard to understand they need to get better
2:33how do you start with them for those people who are it is very difficult to
2:39yes first off I just want to kind of piggyback on what you said which is
2:43completely true as far as accents go
2:46I think the richness of accents the richness of different sounds of the way
2:51people carry wear it with their experiences whether from hugely helps
2:58the interestingness of people put the easy way to say that is having an accent
3:03and a great thing
3:04however there are people who are so kind of encumbered by the accent that they
3:12have to just attack those sounds are giving them the biggest trouble
3:17so what I’d like to do is just we always do a diagnostic in the first lesson I go
3:22through talk to them even if you please to read the the course contract and then
3:28what I do is make all those marks about the sounds they have to work on and will
3:33we have time we really kind of go through all the sound so they can see
3:36what their accent is and then what is the standard American accent is and
3:41start to incorporate that
3:42however we were they want to have to do a triage thing right so it’s it if if it
3:47is there is really this difficulty in being understood
3:50we just go right to those sounds practice them I show them how to make
3:54the sound for instance of an L sound at the end of a word or we’re saying the
3:59word fall or well and they’re there they’re not making a full actually
4:04saying fall
4:05well and they’re not touching their tongue I show them what to do i get the
4:09mirror out and say look yourself in the in the mirror and look at mine now
4:14repeat those sounds over and over again and then we’ll put them right in the
4:18tongue twisters will take phrases that they need to work on
4:22look at the book will do those exercises
4:24and that’s the easiest way to get them to feel comfortable and confident in
4:28knowing how to make the sound because really some people as they you know
4:32maybe english as a second language of the different parts of the country they
4:37have done a really good job of doing the sound reproduction on their own kind of
4:43hearing it and they’re connected like this and like guessing you’re doing a
4:46great naturally but we’d like to do is get it was really specific and they go
4:50oh I see this is what you do this is how I do it
4:54repetition repetition practice 5-10 minutes a day and they’re starting to
4:58speak way better
4:59how much is the ability to have a neutral accent or any sort of accent you
5:04want a function of having a so-called good ear the way you think of a great
5:08musician and how much of it is simply the discipline of working placing your
5:15tongue in the right place recording yourself is something anyone can do they
5:19are motivated the ear of ability that god-given ability that you’re here can
5:26hear things that you’re able to imitate things
5:28- ooh child I just huge and it can be like that case for those of us who is
5:33here or is is good but we are not quite sure
5:38it takes some time anybody if they work at it and they have an open mind and
5:44they spend five to ten minutes a day were really addressing it on their own
5:47because we can work for you are a 50-minute session but they were going to
5:51every day
5:52anybody can get better now or more standardized accents
5:57then again we have the range of people who coming from other countries that are
6:02are the actions are so strong
6:05anybody can get better but it really the gift is if you have an ear for however
6:10just kind of rigorously going at it looking at it kind of like a
6:14mathematical equation or like going to the gym and doing that same repetition
6:18of a pull-up or push up and all of us if you have the muscles
6:22it’s the same thing for the musculature of your mouth so anybody can do it in
6:27terms of the end result anybody’s going to get better
6:30some people are able to like concrete fully some people have a huge jump in
6:36there understand it
6:36the intelligibility of the accent and for them even the rewards that they get
6:41in terms of their own local power there sounds are going to pay back off and
6:46work and their personal relationships and their overall confidence in life so
6:51good question
6:52definitely that the ear is is key and people who can work on it get better
6:58in a moment I want to dive a little deeper and going to some of the
7:02nitty-gritty of your book accent American the complete guide to speaking
7:07the standard American accent but I have to help him with something else sooner
7:11when friends and family of mine found out i was interviewing you and some of
7:16your top Hollywood clientele they said you’ve got to ask him why is it a so
7:22called movie star like Matthew McConaughey always sounds like Matthew
7:27McConaughey Arnold Schwarzenegger always sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger aren’t
7:33there enough actors in Hollywood who can do any accent that producers don’t
7:37expletive rely on people who can’t seem to
7:41I won’t say can’t act but can’t do any X and other than their own
7:45well there you go into the years it’s kind of celebrity versus the actor as a
7:51craftsperson so you have actors who let the Australian actors hugh jackman you
7:58Lori or American actors male street
8:03all you can do is that they can do anything they care they really actors
8:09their stars and and yes and Marilyn was a celebrity celebrity star actor but
8:14those are we have this celebrities imagine McConaughey
8:18he pretty much keeps to his Texas accent is that a function of just laziness he
8:24doesn’t want to learn or is it that what Meryl street does is so wildly difficult
8:30that even if he spent 10 hours a day he wouldn’t get any better at got a good
8:35so Matthew McConaughey I don’t know I don’t know I’ve never worked with him
8:40it works for surely doesn’t suit him and he certainly does do things for the
8:45roller he is an actor in heat is the way that he
8:48this is for the Dallas 40 Dallas Dallas club dallas buyers club that is amazing
8:54he’s an amazing actor he does tend to kind of keep the range speech wise and
9:00arnold schwarzenegger and we can do anything or he cares about it
9:03I know I had that we cruise one of my clients and I don’t think for her
9:09it matters in the end so much you really wanted to work on it but it’s about that
9:12kind of what each person kind of feels as a port for themselves like what is it
9:18for her it was important but at a certain point I think she just wanted to
9:22get her voice to be stronger which actually after we work together
9:26one other reviews of the new york times for films was from her tone is stronger
9:31voice is stronger but it really is interesting TJ that actors
9:36some actors that’s who they are that you’re going to see that by the same
9:38part in every role
9:41that’s who they are Cary Grant always had is no English accent and whatever
9:48role he was in and you made it happen for himself so it is a kind of thing
9:52like this is who I am this is I’m going to be every role and that’s what I bring
9:57to my character and there’s some actors who are like I’m gonna be a leonardo
10:01dicaprio and I’m gonna work with Tim demonic and i’m going to have a
10:04different accent
10:05each of my roles and that’s part of it so really is kind of their own sort of
10:09sense and other actors to play the role that would have the off the authentic
10:13accent um yes there are but we need people who are usually people who have
10:19get out there so the advice to actors who are my advice and actors I was an
10:26actor to actors who are in their in their formative years or even you going
10:31on in the in their career they have the ability to change when I think most
10:35actors wanted to do it because they’re excited to play different characters so
10:38if you could only do one accent then you kind of limiting limiting yourself and
10:43if you can do all kinds of accent and then make it not be about the exit
10:47they could be about the connection you have as a character to the other person
10:50into this telling of the story that you’re in great shape
10:54let’s switch gears away from Hollywood let’s imagine that someone is let’s say
11:00I’ve become
11:01executive whether they are from the south from the Northeast but they are
11:07professional person they are well educated but they’re self-conscious
11:10about having their southern accent an outer borough in New York accent of
11:17Brooklyn New Jersey accent they want to soften the edges and get to the point
11:23where people can’t really tell where they’re from
11:26how do they use your book how do they work with someone like you to get to
11:31that point
11:32perfect so in the book and it’s an American you just open it up and you
11:37start to do the exercises that are in the warm up so it starts off as very
11:43organized it simple
11:44even I didn’t purposely is a very thin book so it’s kinda like a primer or a
11:48primer everyone to say that but it really get you started in first of all
11:52developing your voice
11:54I have a lot of executives all authors founders of organizations companies and
12:00people who are really successful and they know a lot and so it’s at a certain
12:08level DJ you know you’re you you coach people in public speaking is you said
12:14just have this have your message be important to have the speech be
12:19haven’t you are saying you have a passion for them so for a lot of my
12:23people come to me
12:24they want to work on the accident they want to work on their intelligibility
12:27they want to work on the power of your voice
12:30so what you do is you start with the book open up and start and this is how
12:35to use the workbook and basically it says I’m how to use the workbook go get
12:40some simple things by opening your mouth more than you’re used to practice
12:43speaking in a flowing way and but the big thing you identify which sounds need
12:49improvement and put your focus on those
12:52so what you’ll do first of all is go through the first section of the book
12:56which are warming up your voice articulation exercises tongue twisters
13:01so you feel confident in your speech you feel really like you have more power in
13:05your voice
13:06then you go through
13:08you and I but those sound under for yourself
13:12I do consultations on that with people online and i’ll give them a rundown of
13:18what the sounds are they need to focus on and then download the audio from the
13:22book which is included in the purchase of the book and start to go over those
13:26sounds when your headphones on or just dropping it on your on your desktop
13:32get your iphone or your smart phone out and record yourself repeating after you
13:38hear my voice and then go back and say because that’s the important part
13:42oftentimes our ear doesn’t hear the way we’re talking when we hear objectively
13:48on the iphone on the smartphone and you can hear yourself in relation with your
13:52hearing for me and you can say oh this whole time I thought I was saying Phil
13:58but I was saying fail feel
14:01oh I need to say Phil Phil feel and give yourself some time again 10 minutes and
14:06eight is going to practice to get those sounds in your mind and say like oh it’s
14:10that single sound it as in fill that I met that I tend to go feel if I can just
14:16remember as I read through this going through these single vowel cells
14:20it’s phil is a single vowel sound there is no movement at all go from saying
14:24this diphthong feel to fill and that’s what you do
14:29and then there’s also some work in there four sentences apologize for
14:36interrupting but I have to ask you for one trainer to another large part of our
14:41audience trainers people in public relations fields who are working with
14:45executives who are self-conscious about their accent issues
14:49what percentage of people will actually record and listen to their own voice on
14:56their own if you’re not there standing over there because that’s the bane of my
15:02I can help people all day long become better speakers better media
15:07what I’m they are in the room I don’t give them the option i recorded play it
15:11we do that a dozen times but when i try to encourage people to go to my own
15:16online programs public speaking I always say
15:20record yourself speaking
15:21uploaded here far far fewer than not one percent but . one percent of students
15:30ever do that so I’m just wondering if you have a better track record
15:33I can’t say that I do i can think about myself when I took piano lessons
15:39so it’s okay i was a kid and then to break from one with the back in my
15:46I started as the train again and piano and I was always the same story
15:50same story DJ ok so I’m seeing him wednesday is my daily day for my daily
15:55weekly a weekday study so we do it wednesday
15:59like I am motivated i’m going to practice the next day Thursday
16:04oh I have to go do hiking I have to go do some work here I coaching saturday
16:10sunday i got plans for 10 minutes
16:11yes follow through is super difficult and especially about getting the
16:17so what I do most of my clients especially clients to get the best
16:21results are the ones probably this is yourself
16:25are the ones that I see every week and as far as how many people are actually
16:29doing the work
16:30some people are hard workers are so motivated never
16:34it’s interesting they are like tight days they’re gonna they’re going to work
16:37on this other people are Taipei’s don’t have the time or the discipline
16:42so in answer to your question I couldn’t give you a statistic I can say that it
16:48makes the heck of a lot easier
16:50I know for myself TJ in terms of doing my business
16:54I am an assistant come once a week for five hours
16:57we focus I need somebody I admit I need somebody to coach me and that’s what I’d
17:03like to provide for the people so in terms of them doing it on their own
17:09you need to get somebody whether it’s me whether it’s you or voice for
17:13particularly for this for the band’s not me I definitely can access into the
17:23I do have clients ask about it from time to time
17:27here’s my experience about a third of my clients they come in for a day of public
17:32speaking training or media training
17:34I always record them first ask them what they like and don’t like
17:38i would say about a third of my clients which is fairly representative of your
17:44professional successful population about a third of people hate their voice think
17:51that their voice is dramatically substandard whereas in all the years
17:57I’ve done this more than 30 years probably 10,000 clients
18:01I really only remember one client who truly had an awful awful voice I always
18:07tell people that you may disagree i’d like to hear your opinion
18:11it’s basically three types of voices in the world here’s the top point 0 0 1
18:15percent with her voice is so distinctive so melodias so pleasing that they can
18:22roll out of bed at noon tape a voiceover commercial get a million-dollar check
18:27and go back to bed or go to the beach
18:29there’s the bottom . 0001 percent of people their voice is so irritating
18:35awful screechie people rather jump out a window and have to listen to them and
18:41then there’s the other 99.999% where our voices aren’t so fantastic people are
18:47going to give us money
18:48it’s not so awful people are going to leave the room they’re just voices that
18:52help us communicate
18:53i’m interested in your own take of those those two perspectives your perspective
18:58of your clients how they rate their own voices and then how you rate that
19:03spectrum of great
19:04normal and awful i love it so in terms of how they write their own voices
19:10because i’m a voice and speech Trojan because many bytes coming to me for
19:13beyond just the accent work coming for local power things like that
19:19a lot of people come to me that a lot me think what i say i would say about
19:25thirty percent of my clients who come to me telling me they don’t like the sound
19:29of their own boys
19:31I say listen you actually have a really nice boys and sometimes it’s because
19:36there’s tension there’s tension that they just let it relax all of a sudden
19:41they get this kind of comfort so in terms of the people being people who
19:47come to me and to be a little bit harder on their the cell phones because for
19:53whatever reason it’s feedback that we’ve gotten from the world from our teachers
19:58our parents have one student whose brother is a is a speech pathologist and
20:06kind of always gave her our time I have another about her voice I’m like well
20:11did you ever help you know
20:13so we get these these these loops for ourselves and even for myself TJ I when
20:21I was growing up i don’t know i think that my voice was nice
20:25my speech I can still start to go so fast that’s where my natural places to
20:29go so fast and so by doing all these exercises over the years again like you
20:3430 years of doing work at a time
20:36I’ve got control about my voice so i would say many people come to me are
20:41more critical of their voice
20:43then they need to be but I would tell them to be and as a professional you and
20:48I you we can say to them
20:50your voice is great embrace it embrace it but i think what has so that’s that’s
20:56the one part the answer the same question
20:59I totally agree with the point n % about the people being is wonderful melodious
21:04voice they walk out you go wow you every once in a while you could I just think
21:07oh my god and they do they said oftentimes they’re not actors they’ll
21:12say you know what so much BTW i should do something about my voice of them
21:16well yeah you should but it is a naturally to natural attractor
21:21it’s great so that’s that as far as most people I think their voices were pretty
21:25well i would give a much higher percentage of
21:28people who use their voice to their disadvantage to the disadvantage
21:35now that would be amazing voices or nasal and that kind of my type voice
21:41that boys are kind of high pitch is coming right from the throat
21:45the people who are very quiet
21:48I was a good by Tyson and pressure haha very quiet
21:53can’t be any and and there again all of these things like psychological
22:02not from me but from the other person so if you’re speaking very loudly does in a
22:07way in the kind of obvious away kind of commands attention
22:10you have to really screwed into listen to somebody that’s a little bit tiring
22:14in terms of why I just been talking to somebody this weekend when I was a
22:17little vacation and they spoke in that manner and I was a man I put so much
22:21effort into it
22:22I was tired of that I don’t really want to talk to this person any more of this
22:25is taking too much ever
22:26it wasn’t somebody was a good friend and i guess i would say could you speak up
22:30but that is that one of the cases too lightly on to that a lot of people out
22:37here you’re in New York two different situation but in California we have a
22:41lot of good women young women who have that Kardashian phase
22:47it’s called her vocal fry for me it was like an old man but they’re always kind
22:51of goes like there when they finish the sentence to his hands off so i would
22:56really rate
22:57yeah i’m going to take your kind but i think most of your clients are huge
23:01pj our public speakers so already there at the level that the voice is coming to
23:07their consciousness consciousness and they want to get better now this part of
23:12putting all in the frame a painting the picture for me
23:15I noticed just in the and the number of people i run into on the street people
23:20making my clients the overall listening on TV that there is a high percentage of
23:25people who were using their voice in a way that does not sound good
23:32that is off-putting it is not putting off putting to everybody but it’s
23:36off-putting to the people who if they have
23:39is that was more pleasing and some way or more fuller more resident they could
23:43really advanced in their personal lives and their careers and the way they felt
23:47about themselves
23:48our special guest is Patrick Munoz for more information on him you can go to
23:53his website just spell out the name patr IC k mu and cozy . com
24:01switching gears Patrick speech impediments
24:05how big of a problem is it for adults and how hard is it to overcome we’re
24:10recording this during political season with major presidential conventions
24:15going on
24:16so we it brings to light a number of top politicians with speech impediments rudy
24:21giuliani has a list john mccain has a list there are several commentators on
24:27MSNBC and other networks with lisps for that matter
24:32Churchill Winston Churchill had a list and a stutter
24:36how much does it matter if you have a compelling message number one number two
24:41if you are an adult
24:44let’s say you’re over 30 and you already have a good career how time-consuming is
24:52it not just to change your accent but to actually overcome our pics & impediment
24:57great questions
24:58so a quirky voice look I know I like 40 I just mean that it’s a voice that has
25:05its that has let’s say an impediment obstacle is a little bit different to
25:08live a stutter
25:10maybe not saying they’re ours it’s an interest it’s so it’s fascinating TJ
25:17because if it’s part of who you are and you own it and you’re in the middle of
25:22your career and you doing this the way you speak and you’re out there you’re
25:28doing things and people say oh you sure now that last winter but you’re like but
25:33you you’re okay with it
25:35you’re okay with it you do it and you’re like yeah I have this but i’m not going
25:38to work
25:38it I say the more power to you I mean as a voice and speech I could be very like
25:43this is the way I used to do it
25:45it’s about for me everyone knows about for you to send the moment ago it’s
25:49about communicating
25:50that’s all it is it’s about communicating so as far as people who
25:55are our have accent are having pediments but and they are they embrace them and
26:02they can do it and it’s not detracting from their advancement in their own
26:05personal life
26:07I think it’s it works out it works it good more power to them a lot of people
26:14who have impediments as an adult I’ve had people come to me in their 20 is
26:18that couldn’t say there are so it was very difficult to say there was and it
26:23wasn’t a new york thing it was just they consider oz and we try to get try to do
26:27it was very disheartening for my mom and I’m thinking of young twenties
26:33no man in his twenties and in fact when I talked about how that you know certain
26:38sound sound like the Boston X and some likely to San from Boston and I said you
26:42know you could we ever going to pause an exit
26:45but for him it was a little bit challenging but I’m working on it
26:51it got better it got better and because he’s a good-looking man like me did
26:59he’s going into a profession where he’s going to be a salesperson at higher end
27:06and he wants it i’m not telling what he has to do but he wants to be able to
27:12speak in a way that sounds more professional
27:15he can work on it we met once a week we do over the course of 12 weeks 12
27:20sessions is ours got much better with a perfect no but there are much better and
27:25he did it
27:26I’ve had girls love a woman that woman is backed by the list and as an actress
27:30she has a better ear perhaps and a more compelling reason to get rid of that
27:35list and we did it in six sections
27:39lists are often times easier to take care of the arson is very challenging
27:45the stutter is about relaxation
27:50and about exercises oftentimes when they start to sing
27:54that’s daughter goes away but I was watching this show on TV
27:58bloodline apparently he was on something else before I don’t know the actors name
28:01but he played the DA and he can’t he doesn’t have the walkway and say it’s
28:06all right but he has a major role that’s the way he plays but he’s playing these
28:09balls so and i watched I was not want to know
28:14broadway show you a few years ago and this woman had a list it’s like I was
28:18like a kick-ass you would say but she works all the time
28:21it’s it is such a time I’m so glad we live in a world that if you have
28:27something and you believe in it you can make your self
28:32if you believe in yourself and you’re doing this you have some feedback from
28:35the University so working
28:37go for it if they’re like all of us
28:40I know for myself I’ve had my own fears of my own obstacles to get over and by
28:47doing that by facing it
28:49that fear and getting over the obstacle I feel so much more in my life so much
28:53more whole and I want to get better and better as i get older and it
28:58and as I teach and I learned from my clients so for those people
29:01let’s do a little do they have to all of a sudden go away from their life and put
29:05all the time working on it
29:06no it’s been a few minutes a day identifying it and they have the
29:10discipline to do that with a coach do it for six weeks probably see what happens
29:14and and and for that they can see that they think this is impossible
29:18at least they faced it but to walk away from something and say i’m not going to
29:22do it was like I’m never going to see my arse
29:24well that’s the only impediment to actually learning is say no you say yes
29:31let me try and you can go from so long answer to your question all my answers
29:35are longer your questions and that is that’s how this is the program this is
29:40in fact the program for really in depth answers to questions about speaking so
29:45if anything i want the longer I i would be remiss if I let you get away without
29:50weighing in on one other
29:52what I see is a major controversy regarding voice use of the vocal vocal
29:59cords and that is with respect to women every six months I see some art of
30:03buy some punitive expert saying women art is respected as much as men because
30:10they don’t speak and as low voice in there
30:13they just spoke lower they would be more respected get more promotions
30:19I have a particular theory on those theories but I want to hear from you
30:24it’s interesting so I we have in communication
30:29I’ve been working with a call center recently working coaching for them and
30:32the tone of voice
30:34so on a call tone of voice and what you say that when you say part is that a
30:3912-percent was a study done by UCLA professor years back and tone of voice
30:46what you’re saying the way you say that’s like eighty percent or eighty
30:50eight percent of what you’re communicating the the words about twelve
30:55percent for this kind of communication that we have I see you you see me
31:01body language is 50% again their statistics wrong but that’s a large part
31:06what I say twenty percent and the toll is thirty percent so this goes back to
31:12the tone of the voice right does the high-pitched voice then that can be that
31:16can be taken many ways so women’s voices
31:22we all have our own little attitude and our own beliefs but how we react to
31:29different voices
31:30some people have had women come to me and say my voice did to Heidi to get it
31:35i need to get a fuller
31:36well oftentimes and here’s my take on this TJ is that most of us i would say
31:41ninety percent of americans and seventy percent of the world of making it up
31:46don’t use their voice fully right especially Americans will talk to my
31:50throat right here that’s where we talked for this is where the sound comes from
31:53so how can we really use our voice fully effects were talking from you don’t have
31:57any kind of impact tomorrow our body or are resonators show
32:03I think they’re doing a disservice to themselves and I’m not going to point
32:07out just women are going to say men and women are doing a bigger service to
32:11we’re not finding out that they have is bigger for stronger voice they can
32:16ask them for their life women their voices are higher in excitement when we
32:25get excited men and women we can start our voices are to pick up as a woman of
32:32my voice is high or are you know in the get it
32:35it’s some women have a higher . some have a lower our voices but if I’m
32:38starting from a platform
32:41my boys start a little higher I’m gonna get excited and they’re going to go up
32:44here again some people that’s fine they love it that’s great for some people who
32:52have been in a restaurant and there’s a a table of young women and they start to
32:57get excited about something almost always like this it’s like very high now
33:02it’s a very temple in personation and always going to be you know being
33:06accused of being sexist
33:07I’m not saying that i was saying that as a as a woman you keep we have to get a
33:15look at life is life is in life is changing luckily we have more opinions
33:19and more open-minded this and realizations of only our own power and
33:24having said that as a woman to be unfairly branded as though they’re
33:31screech your this I think that’s I think that’s completely chauvinistic but i do
33:36think that they can they’re doing a disservice themselves
33:41if that’s the only voice they know because oftentimes TJ
33:44we’ve been conditioned to speak in a certain way either consciously or
33:47unconsciously wouldn’t we be honest feedback like oh boys don’t cry boys
33:52don’t cry boys don’t cry so man we don’t we hold it so we don’t show emotion
33:56and suddenly we’re losing our communication which is some sort of an
34:00emotional voicemail some people aren’t emotional some people are more
34:03I want you to be who you are but as a woman and as a man to develop your voice
34:10and have that whole range is really gonna do you well now there was one
34:14politician recently that some of my students interestingly enough said to me
34:18you all of you only coach sure we really wanted to reach out to her and culture
34:22because that voice gets kind of screech eat and other people say oh that and a
34:28few people say that
34:29face of hers is so wonderful is a strong man voice
34:32so again to get to the range of opinions I will say this that I know for sure
34:37having a coven voice where you breathe and it’s relaxed and it’s open that’s
34:43your base
34:44you’ll be in good stead in whatever situation if your voice goes high that’s
34:48great and it will most likely the back down and even more important than that
34:53it will last through these it’s the week of convention we can convention when you
34:58have to be out there talking loudly or when you’re on the campaign trail you’re
35:01speaking all the time you want to have a dependable voice so working on your
35:05voice will always be to your benefit
35:08the book is accent American the complete guide to speaking the standard American
35:14accent it’s available at amazon.com finer bookstores everywhere
35:21the author Patrick Munez you can find him talk to him about personal coaching
35:27sessions if you’re interested in any aspect of improving your voice accent go
35:32to Patrick Munoz . com patr IC k mu n 0 z dot com Patrick thank you for being
35:40our guest give it a pleasure thank you TJ
35:45speaking with TJ Walker is the number one rated daily streaming TV and radio
35:52show devoted to all aspects of speaking and communication if you received value
35:58from this show
35:59then please subscribe to it at media training worldwide . com
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