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master every single interview you have for the rest of your life. Period.

Who is Media Training Course for?

This course is for serious professionals, who want to be great in all of their future media interviews.

Our course is not designed to simply help you “become more comfortable,” or “reduce nervousness,” of course, those things will happen.

The real goal with our media training courses is to give you the skills you need to master every single interview you have for the rest of your life.

Specifically, you will know how to look your best if you have to be on camera. You will master the skills of shaping media messages, answering questions from reporters, and getting the exact quotes or soundbite you want in the final story.

do you face any of these 6 Problems?

get camera confidence with media training course

Nervous on camera

afraid to answer tough questions - get media training course to overcome your fear

Answering tough questions

hate your voice - get media training course to tackle it

Dislike Your voice

what are my messages - learn what your key messages are - media training courses

Unsure what to say

answer questions like a pro with our media training courses

Unable to answer questions

get media training course to convey the right sound bites

What sound bites will be used

Are you facing upcoming media interviews and are feeling a little nervous?

If so, you are not alone. The above mentioned are the top 6 pain points most people feel before they undertake media interviews.

Once you’ve gone through the Media Training Worldwide media training process, all of your pain points will be eliminated. If you are ready to begin serious media training, now, before your next media interview, please book a call here today.

the 6 steps to mastering interviews

Media Training Worldwide has developed a revolutionary six-step model that has already been implemented by many of top business Leaders, celebrities, sportspeople, actors, politicians and Governments across the world. 

By attending our media training courses, you will learn to master the interviews in the quickest possible time.

Following is our 6-step framework:

Step 1 : Phone/Zoom Call to determine goals & objectives

Step 2 : get feedback on your Homework Video

Step 3 : live training session. get on cam 10-12 times

media training courses framework

Step 4 : Get detailed critique on your next interview

Step 5 : get media interview-specific refresher

Step 6 : contact us at any point in one year with any questions

Here's how you will benefit from our media training course

The overwhelming benefit

There is one overwhelming benefit you will receive: you will go into your next interview and every future interview confident that you will look and sound your very best, that you will have great media messages, that you will know exactly how to answer any and every question From a journalist, and, most important, you will know how to get the exact quotes and soundbites you want in the final interview.

The best trainers

Our trainers are pioneers in the techniques of massive, repetitive, video-recorded practices. The industry standard for Media Training is that a student is recorded 2 to 3 times in a session and given extensive critiques. Media Training worldwide has developed advanced techniques where the student is on camera 10 to 15 times per training session. The result is the student has actually seen themselves demonstrate mastery. This produces extreme confidence in the student and specific, positive results in future interviews.


Media Training Worldwide has the longest and most detailed online media training course in the world that students can use as a reference and follow up for an entire year.

Largest library

Media Training Worldwide has the largest library of specialized, niched, Media Training courses in the world, covering even narrow categories, such as Media Training for doctors, or how to prepare for a print interview only. All media training worldwide students can instantly access an answer to any question they may have on any aspect of Media Training.

Quickest Possible Learning

Finally, you will benefit by learning how to master media skills in the absolute shortest amount of time possible, plus, they receive a blended learning solution that allows them to continue to improve week after week, month after month for years to come.

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Why live training from Media Training worldwide?

If your goal is to build Media Training skills as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, then live training is your best bet.

Why is live Media Communications Training superior to on-demand Media Training?

With live training you get instant feedback from a skilled media training professional who can tell you exactly what you are doing well, so you can do more of it. And the Media Training expert can tell you exactly what you were doing wrong, and give you a specific, step-by-step, action plan to solve that problem.

We do offer a number of on-demand (recorded) Media Relations Training Courses that are to-the-point and easy to consume. To get personalized feedback and make instant progress sign up for our live Media Training Classes and Workshops.

Fill the form and we’ll share the dates for our in-person/live media training.

free media training mini-course

Get a taste of what our media training courses are like with this free mini-course you can complete in less than 30 minutes.

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Rave reviews ❤️

Here are some delighted participants and this is what they had to say.

Brilliant!!! I have gained a wealth of applicable knowledge and insights from TJ, just got through the first part of this course and will be studying through several times over and continuing on! It’s incredibly important to me that as an aspiring life &motivational coach, I’m coming across as conversational to my audience as if they are someone I’m coaching personally~ sharing messages that are relevant, engaging, and to the point without rambling lol! I’m grateful for what a ginormous gift it is having access to this level of coaching from TJ!!! Highly recommend!

Jennifer LaGuardia

If you only have time/money for one public speaking class, this needs to be it! TJ Walker, a proven media and public speaking expert have way over-delivered in his Complete Public Speaking Masterclass For Every Occasion. I like how there’s a comprehensive curriculum, but you can just hop around to the sections that apply to you. Not EVERY section is going to apply, but with 550 videos (the max on Udemy) you can’t go wrong buying this course. Each section is also in easy-to-watch chunks.

Stephanie Mojica

This truly is a master class. He covers everything that could possibly be covered, in my opinion. Take the classes, do the exercises, make the videos, and you will improve. Like Nike says, ‘Just Do It! Like TJ says, you have to practice. He reiterates it, constantly, in this course because it is an issue. Just watching the course doesn’t help. You have to act on them, and practice. Watch your practice, critique, and do it again. TJ has so much valid information, I know that I will be back to review and digest more of it. Great job, TJ.

Teresa Trimm


People from top organizations, political leaders and the UN have experienced Media Training Worldwide.

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