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With our Media Training Courses, whether your spokesperson at your organization has their first media appearance coming up or you will soon be doing a roadside financial presentation with the press, you’ll learn to come across your absolute best.

We’ve worked with the Presidents and Prime ministers of countries, Nobel Laureates and executives of fortune 500 companies and helped them come across their best on camera. We are here to help you achieve exactly that.

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What is Media training?

Many people have asked themselves at one point, “what exactly is Media Training?”

“Does this mean I’d be trained to speak on camera like a professional actor?”

When we are asked this question, we tell them, “we train you to be comfortable, relaxed, and concise about your message on camera.” 

Our Media Training Course is a highly-specialized form of Professional Relations (PR) training that caters to the public branding our most elite clientele. 

We guide you through a blended-learning process where by the end of a training with us, you will look at a video of yourself speaking on camera and say to yourself, “Wow, if only I could be only half as good as the speaker in the video, I will be the star of my industry”.

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Why you should join media training course

Our Media Training Course helps you and some top organizations all over the world to face the media with confidence.

Keen individuals and companies have a natural, underlying sense that speaking to a media correspondent or reporter is completely different than speaking to friends, colleagues, or giving a speech at a press conference.

Companies have lost hundreds of billions of dollars by speaking to the media unprepared.

A reputation that has built up over 50 years can be lost and destroyed in less than 20 seconds of a media interview.

The fact is that every single sentence that you or your spokespeople say has to be completely self-contained on its own. 

Both the reporters and the public are at liberty to take the words that anyone says out of context. So, it’s important for you/your spokesperson to be in control.

Our Media Training Course ensures your spokespeople can control what comes out of his/her mouth in advance in a way that is incredibly advantageous for your organization.

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Media Training Workshops Worldwide

Media Training Worldwide is the industry Leader in Media training courses, having trained many of this world’s most prestigious leaders, organizations, and celebrated individuals over the last 20 years.

Our trainers have presented over 2000 media presentations combined.  

We handpick the most competent media trainers to help you and your colleagues look their best and get your company’s message into the final story. 

Media Training Global Firm

As a Media Training global firm, we have a roster of clients from over 40 different countries across 6 continents. 

While we are culturally both sensitive and astute to global international relations and trends, the core media training skills that we grant clients work the same from New York City to Geneva. 

We work with clients from every country and economic system. Our prized strategy adapts to the specific needs of your industry, country, and media needs.


We As Media Training Company Offer Top-End Services For Training.

Private in-person training

Our private in-person training is often requested by authors, leaders in government, and hedge fund managers. We’ve helped thousands through our one-on-one training become masters of the media.

Our one-on-one training is done over a video call. We use the same procedure as we do in our private, in-person training.

The added benefit is that you will be receiving training from the comfort of your office or home.

Our group training is conducted live in-person and through Zoom. Due to the current climate, 95% of our training is done through Zoom or Microsoft teams.

This is our most popular option for corporations and non-profits who are looking to quickly improve their executives and spokespersons for long-term results

Our executive training program is our flagship program for individuals who are committed to being the leaders of their industry.

This is for the iconoclasts, mavericks, and those daring enough to become lifelong industry leaders in the media.
Due to the care and attention we provide to our most select clients, our executive Media training course is only offered at a limited number of spots.

We work with no more than five individuals or organizations at a time. When a spot becomes available, they are often gone in a matter of weeks.

If this is the right option for you or your organization, we can check for availability or add you to the waitlist. Please call us on +1-212-763-4955 (just click to call the number)

Public in-person training

While this option is less popular than our Zoom meeting offering, this is still the go-to choice for some of our most loyal clients who are looking to train their top executives. We are able to meet your people anywhere in the world, provided our travel costs, food and lodging are fully covered

We also provide public media training workshops online for our online course students.

When you purchase one of our premium courses on Media Training Worldwide, can be public speaking coursespresentation skills training, crisis communication training etc. you will also gain one-time access to our live training that happens on Thursdays at 12:00-1:00 PM EST (a $300 value.)

We have students from over 200 countries in our online courses.

Online training

We have one of the largest online learning libraries on media training course materials available on the market. Each of our courses comes with a live training component where you can work with one of our media trainers to refine your skills.

We have the largest intellectual library of media training course materials on the planet.


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