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MTW has one of the largest online learning libraries on media training course materials. Learn from the best teachers & thought-leaders in the field of communications. 

Rave Reviews

Jim Miller
Jim Miller
Amerada Hess
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Media Training Worldwide is flat out better than any other presentation training firm we have ever used. They get better results…
Michael Gallant
Michael Gallant
Director of Public Relations for EMC
Read More
My name is Michael Gallant and I am the director of public relations for EMC Corporation. We were fortunate to have TJ Walker in...
Bob Bowdon Anchor/Reporter
Bob Bowdon Anchor/Reporter
Bloomberg Television
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TJ Walker's single-minded devotion to presentation training has made him the #1 expert for executives seeking guidance on speaking...
Roxanne Moster
Roxanne Moster
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I put the skills learned in your seminar to excellent use. I was told by the producer that it was refreshing to work with someone…
Bill Stricklen
Bill Stricklen
Human Resources Manager, Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals LLC
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I recently had an occasion to address a TV crew concerning the sale of our business being announced. I prepared my "three key points…
Sean Hennessey
Sean Hennessey
Superintendent Boston Historical National Park (Public Affairs Officer)
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TJ Walker knows the news business. His training sessions cut to the chase and prepare you for the glare of a camera in your face.
Carol M. Swain
Carol M. Swain
Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University
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I am extremely pleased with the training I received from T.J. Walker. The information I learned in a single two day session might...
Terry Savage
Terry Savage
Superintendent Boston National Historical Park
Read More
Working with T.J. and going through his very effective course is humbling especially when you thought your skills were already adequate…
Beth Meyer
Beth Meyer
American Dairy Council
Read More
Our one-day training program was interesting, fast paced and intense. I see definite improvements in my media clips from before and after...
Charles Ramsey
Charles Ramsey
Quest Software VP
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TJ Walker is a effective, clear communicator who is capable of teaching one of life's most important, and elusive skills, public speaking.

Media Training Worldwide

Education Model

We employ a blended learning approach with a heavy emphasis on deliberate practice. You’ll receive an immersive learning experience that includes live, in-person training, books, audios, video-based online courses, and Zoom follow-up rehearsals. 

Our in-person workshops are vigorous, and usually involve 12 on-camera practice sessions in a single day. A typical training experience with Media Training Worldwide lasts for one year. 

Student learning from an Online trainer

How Media Training Worldwide Works

Step One


Whether it is speaking to the media or giving live presentations, a unique training program is set up specifically for you.

Whether you’re about to do your first podcast interview ever or deliver a Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, a specific plan is created. The plan involves a combination of homework, audio and video and text intellectual property and on-camera training.

How Media Training Worldwide Works - Assessment
How Media Training Worldwide Works - Step Two - The Live Training

Step Two

Live Training

The most important part of the process is that you will either give a practice speech or a practice interview as many times as it takes until you are 100% satisfied with what you see on video.

Our process is very different from other media training firms. The industry norm is 3 times on camera per person, per day. We get you on camera 10 to 12 times per day in a single training session. This creates true mastery.

Step Three

Follow up

After the training session concludes, your growth process must continue. After the live training, but before your next speech or media interview, a rehearsal is set up. This 15 minute live rehearsal is conducted through Zoom.

This way, whether it’s been three days or three months since the primary training session, you go into your next interview or speech with full confidence having practiced and rehearsed earlier that day.

Next, you need to send video recordings of subsequent speeches and media interviews. We’ll provide a detailed critique in a video format. Throughout the entire year, you have access to our comprehensive online video-based training program to receive refreshers. Finally, you can call, text or email us with any other communications related questions.

Why Media training Worldwide?

1. Offline

Media Training Worldwide helps clients improve their communication skills through a variety of modalities. The most powerful way Media Training Worldwide can help a client improve their communication skills is through a live, in-person one or multi-day workshop. This can also be done for groups.

Communication Training Offline - in person

2. Online

In a post pandemic world, these sessions can also be done effectively via Zoom. Media Training Worldwide is also the creator of the largest online, video-based communication skills library in the world, with more than 200 communications related courses.

Public Speaking Training Online Zoom

3. TJ Walker

Media training Worldwide founder TJ Walker is also a frequent keynote speaker on the subject of communications and has authored Six books, including the USA Today #1 best seller “Secret to Foolproof Presentations.”

TJ Walker, Founder Media Training Worldwide

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