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What is Media Training?

What is Media Training

When you hear about media training, it may sound irrelevant or unnecessary learning. But imagine yourself as an influencer who has been called for an interview. Imagine a CEO being called for a press conference. Imagine your company is going through a reputational crisis and media reporters want to talk to you. And you have never done this before.

What would you do now? Simply go to the media and try your luck and anticipate that everything goes fine? Never! Instead, you should go to the media training firms.

What Do We Do In Media Training?

Media training is all about training you to be able to talk to the media comfortably. This is not only limited to live interviews, press conferences, talk shows, and webinars but also includes the media you create on your own—social media. And particularly nowadays, it is about being able to speak in front of your own camera.

Why People Find Media Speaking Difficult?

When you are asked to speak in front of the media, all your insecurities come out. ‘I don’t like my voice. My hairs are not PERFECT. I cannot make eye contact.’ And it is normal to feel abnormal while recording a video as a beginner. So, if you feel the same, you have landed at the right place!

Why Media Training Is Important?

The good news is, THERE ARE FIRMS WITH EXPERTS IN MEDIA SPEAKING WHO WILL BE YOUR MEDIA TRAINERS. Is it important to attend media training before you present yourself in front of the media? For me, it is a 100-times yes! Because if you are intended to create an unbeatable reputation among your clients, customers, and audience, you have no room to make a mistake.

Why Media Training Is ImportantMedia training helps you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Most importantly, they help you identify the purpose of your media interview and craft a concise message. A message that you can deliver within 30 seconds or even less. Media training helps you formulate a strategy to tackle the pinching questions that MIGHT be asked during an interview.

Media training is all about you! It is about your practice and our consultancy. Media training is only carried out by hundreds of minutes of practice to deliver a PERFECT 5-minute interview. And if you will be making a mistake, media trainers will be having your back.

The Most Important Tip


This is important. When you look at yourself speaking on the camera, you realize what mistakes you are making. Sometimes, you have to change your posture. Oftentimes, you must change your tone to create soundbites. Keep recording yourself on your camera unless you are satisfied with the final video. Only now you are ready-to-go for the interview!

Two Features of Media Training

  1. Starting Off With Recording:

    As soon as you step into the media training firm, you will be asked to answer certain questions in front of the camera. This turns out to be weird for absolute beginners. But the fact is, PRACTICE IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME AN EXPERT MEDIA SPEAKER.

  2. No More Than 3 Messages:

    When you are going for a media interview, declutter your mind and scrap off the excessive content it has. YOU ONLY NEED MAXIMUM OF 3 MESSAGES TO CONVEY. Anything more than this would be ambiguous and there will not be any concise conclusion of your interview.


Media training programs include a number of packages that are suitable for different groups of periods. This blog would give you a detailed insight into how each program looks like and who should select it.


1-on-1 media training is all about our undivided attention towards you. In this type of media training, we focus on every aspect of media training that is needed for our prospects. The best way to get most of the value out of this program is to let us know what you exactly want. We will then formulate the best possible solution for you.


This is the best suited for CEOs, executives, and leaders who have got to learn a lot in little time at the cost of money.


Media training workshops are conducted in the form of a seminar with a lot of like-minded people gathered with JUST ONE AIM—MASTER MEDIA COMMUNICATION. This is mostly self-improvement, coupled with a lot of fun and learning.


We mostly start media training workshops by interviewing people randomly. They are recorded and criticized by their fellows sitting with them. This is a huge opportunity to learn but you have to create guts to be JUDGED by the people.


This is the best suited for people who have got plenty of time to attend several media training workshops and have got a limited investment. The media training workshop is the best pick for students and employees.


Media training courses are popular among people particularly during the time of the pandemic. The best part is, they are self-paced, and we can go deep into the topic, without worrying about time. Another good news is that they may cost not more than a cup of coffee.

Online media training courses not only include online lectures in the form of videos, but they are also comprised of worksheets, tasks, and quizzes.


Media training courses are particularly for housewives and students who cannot get out of their homes easily and like to learn self-paced. Do you think you are one of those? Click here to access our detailed courses.


Media training for executives is much like 1-on-1 but it may include a team of managers and stakeholders from your company. It includes our media training experts being on-table with your team and dedicating the session to solving your company’s need specifically. Just let us what exactly you want, and we will be making you feel, “Oh! That was easy!”

This also opens another branch of media training called crisis communication which refers to dealing with the crisis that your company is going through. It may sound like you have to attend crisis communication training only when a crisis hits your company. However, crisis communication should always be practised for a possible crisis that may (or even may not) hit your company ever!


This is, as the name suggests, suitable for executives and stakeholders of companies and firms who find it their responsibility to maintain their reputation. In the best-case scenario, the CEO should be accompanied by the managers and the spokesperson of his firm.


Media training presentations are all about an expert from a media training firm visiting your team and giving a presentation on media training. This presentation would be crafted by keeping your needs in mind and the domain of activity. Again, all we need is a complete brief from our clients so that we can create the best value for them.

Particularly during the times of pandemic, these presentations could be in the form of webinars. This is a great opportunity for providing your employees with a session of media training. The members will be allowed to ask questions and involve in the presentation to make the most of it.


This is the best suited for corporations that want their employees to be media trained and able to speak in front of the camera. Not only companies but political and non-profit organizations are also encouraged to hire the services of our media training presenters.


Media training books are one of the best-selling books in the market today as the trend of shooting videos has picked up pace in the last few years. Click here to order my detailed book on media training named ‘Media Training A-Z’.

Although we highly recommend you go through this book in order to educate and motivate yourself to get in front of the camera. The fact is, you cannot master media communication unless you step into the field and get your hands dirty. Just like you can read hundreds of books on swimming but you can never learn swimming unless you get into the pool.


This book is made for people who have to travel a lot and love self-help books. It will give you a detailed insight into media training at the cost of time. It is not really recommended if you cannot spend too many hours learning just 1 thing.

Media Training Guide



Up till here, we expect that we have created the importance of looking confident in front of the camera in your mind. We would share our funny experience with you.

Whenever we start a 1-on-1 media training session, we ask people random questions, and they are recorded secretly. Right after we are done, we ask them, “Now, we are going to interview and record you.”

After completing both the interviews, we show them both of their videos by the end of the session. Unsurprisingly, most of them like the interview which they gave while they were recorded secretly. So, the point is, WE OFTEN THINK THAT WE HAVE TO ACT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. THE TRUTH IS THAT WE HAVE TO STOP ACTING IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA and look and act natural.

How To Concise Your Topic?

When you are brainstorming the answers, a lot of things pop up in your mind.

Remember that you are not supposed to reply with every GREAT answer that comes into your head. There is a saying, the more you say, the more you get yourself into trouble.

So, you have to concise your topic and define the topic, purpose, and target of your interview. It should be focused on JUST ONE THING and fulfilling JUST ONE purpose.

How To Answer Questions In An Interview?

The way one should talk on the media is a lot different than he might talk in his drawing-room. When you are speaking in front of guests at your home, no one else is listening to you except them and after that particular moment.

However, when you are speaking on the media, millions (or even billions) of people are watching you. And people may watch you for the next 50 years. The media training guide includes how you should respond to every question, whether harsh or flowery, during a media interview.

Packaging Your Messages into Soundbites

It is often said, your messages should be concise enough to be deliverable in 30 seconds or even lesser. We will help you point out your objective and based on that, help you formulate a maximum of 3 messages that you can deliver in the soundbites, no longer than 30 seconds. Media training guides will help you learn the qualities of a positive response in every situation.

Cost of Media Training Programs

This is a question that might be a big matter for a lot of people. But there are prospects who understand the importance of getting educated and do not compromise on it. Hiring media training consultancy services is just like buying a car. You can invest 2000 dollars or 200,000 dollars in a car, and definitely, these both would never be the same.
So, if you are talking about an experienced media training firm, they at least charge 5 to 8 thousand dollars per day, or even up to 10 thousand dollars. Some executives want a media training session every month or two months for years. In this case, you are talking about six figures.
However, if you are short on budget, you may go for online media training courses that cost no more than 10-15 dollars. The thing to consider is that there are two things you can invest in media training; your time and your money. If you think you have plenty of time, then you should go to workshops, books, and courses.
However, if you are a CEO or a stakeholder of a renowned company, it is not recommended at all to save a few thousand bucks and spends hours and hours on media training. After all, it is you who must assess the worth of media training to your company and invest in it accordingly.

How To Hire A Media Training Company?

This is something too honest about media training online to share the secrets of how to hire the best media training company. Whenever you decide to hire a media training company, keep these 2 things in your mind:

Explain to Them What You Want

Be 100% transparent with your media trainers and tell them exactly what you are looking for and why. Based on your needs, they are going to recommend to you the best solution that falls under your budget and fulfils your needs too.

Ask A Video Proposal

Whenever we send a proposal to our clients, we always send them a video proposal on why they should hire us. Do you know why we do this? People think that if our media trainers can speak so well in front of the camera, they are in good hands.

On the other hand, if they hide and make commitments based on 1-on-1 meetings or phone calls, they are not showing you how good they are in media communication. Summarizing it;


If you are looking for a media training firm that has been doing its job perfectly well for the last 30 years, you have landed on the right page. Online Media Training would love to play its role for you too. Click here to contact us and let us know what you are looking for and why.

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