How To Build a Professional Broadcast TV Studio for Less Than $2,000

Media Training Worldwide CEO TJ Walker Shows How To Biuld an in-house TV Studio for Less than $2,000.


Total Cost of Equipment: $1,675

Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam

Snowball USB Condenser Microphone with Ringer Shock Mount……

Basic 3 point lighting setup……

– One light in front of you that is diffused, about 30 degrees to one side (this minimizes shadows)

– One light in front of you that is more directional, this adds “highlights”, it should be about 20 degrees on the opposite side of the ‘fill’ light.

– One light behind you pointing forward (helps separate you from the background). TIP: Keep this one high so you don’t get a glare on the camera lens.

– One light (more if needed) on the background to prevent any shadows from the person

– TIP: To achieve a professional look what you want is very few shadows on the face, a highlight on the shoulder and hair (this comes from the backlight) and no shadows reflecting on the background.

– You may need to test different setups, adding and removing different lights, and possibly varying the distance between the subject and the background.

WireCast Software (to mix additional cameras, images, or clips, LIVE!)

Backdrop from MagicPrinting USA — located in Massachusetts

approximately 6′ x 8′
“dye sublimation fabric”
NOTE: the further away you plan to sit the larger the background will need to be.

Image will be scaled when printed 1″ = 1′
Original image should be at least 300 dpi. Better if it is 600 or 900.

We used Velcro option as a fastener. Hooks on back of canvas, soft side of Velcro on wall. Other options are also available from Magic Printing.

TIP: to fake added depth you can “blur” the background image before printing. This works great in smaller spaces.

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