Komen’s Reversal of Fortune Goes Beyond Reputation Damage: Inside Communications With Mike Bako

Mr. Kamer, Principal, Kamer Consulting Group recently called into Inside Communications Radio with host Mike Bako to discuss crisis communications and his enlightening article on Bulldog Reporter entitled: “Komen’s Reversal of Fortune Goes Beyond Reputation Damage.”

Kamer discusses the fallout from the Susan G. Komen controversy as well as other companies in need of major reputation repair.

About Larry Kamer:

Larry Kamer is a veteran public affairs strategist and an expert in the management of difficult, public-facing challenges that determine the future of reputations, brands, and careers. His skills come from more than 30 years’ work as a communications consultant, an executive in international marketing and communications firms, a political advisor, and an entrepreneur.

He has worked with boards of directors, senior executives, and law firms in the management of high-profile investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, land use issues, product recalls, media exposes and other controversies. Mr. Kamer specializes in the development of scenario and readiness plans, real-time crisis and media management, and in the implementation of post-crisis improvements.

You can find his article on Bulldog Reporter at: http://www.bulldogreporter.com/dailydog/article/komens-reversal-fortune-goes-…

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