Why simple talking head speaking videos are better than slickly produced internet videos

When it comes to using internet videos, simple talking head videos are better than slick videos for many reasons:


  1. 1.                They take less time to produce.
  2. 2.               They take less money to produce.
  3. 3.               They take less equipment to produce.
  4. 4.               They take less technological knowledge to produce.
  5. 5.               You give reporters, editors, bookers and producers a better sense of your speaking skills.
  6. 6.               By doing the videos unscripted you save massive amounts of time by not writing a script.
  7. 7.               By doing the videos by talking and not off of a script, you save massive amounts of time by not having to edit a script or have it approved.


  8. 8.               You give the mainstream media a sense of your ability to hold a thought and make an argument that is not depended on editing and special effects.
  9. 9.               Since you aren’t trying to get hired as a technical special affect person or editor, you don’t have to waste time on such pursuits.
  10. 10.         Because simple talking head video is so much faster, you can get it shot, posted and viewed in less than 10 minutes so you are more useful to the mainstream news media and your viewers and followers.
  11. 11.         You get more credit form all audiences for being brave and courageous because you are obviously not hiding behind slick editing and production values.
  12. 12.         Because you invest so much less in each video, your expectations can be lower, i.e. you don’t have to be disappointed if tens of thousands of people did see any one video.
  13. 13.         Because every video you do is quick, easy and simple, you create a cycle of virtue where you do them faster and more often because you’ve figured out a way to do them faster and more often.
  14. 14.         Because you can do them so easily and are doing them more often, you develop more on-camera poise and confidence because you do the video so often.
  15. 15.         Your video shooting becomes even easier because, after awhile, you shoot most of your videos in just one take. 

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