Why you should do all of your videos in one take

BY TJ Walker

I am a big believer that you should strive to do all of your social media videos in just one take. Of course, if I make an obvious misstatement of fact or my brain freezes, I will stop the recording it delete, and then start over. Bt my estimate this happens about once every 20 videos, or once a month. I don’t say this to brag or dazzle you with my level of articulateness. In fact, I believe anyone can do this. You might not be able to do it at first, but give yourself a month of doing regular videos where you do numerous re-takes. But after a month, especially if you do videos on a daily basis, you be able to get to the point where you can think and talk at the same time and if you make a mistake, that you calmly correct yourself and keep going. This is also great training if and when you go on the Today Show or Oprah because you won’t be allowed any second takes there either.

Here are the advantages you will gain by limiting yourself to one take when you are recording your videos:

  1. 1.               You will dramatically save time. This is time you can spend doing either more videos or promoting the one you just shot.
  2. 2.               No one cares if your video is perfect.
  3. 3.               Having an occasional stumble will make your videos seem live and fresher.
  4. 4.               Having an occasional stumble will show people that you aren’t just reading from a script and that you can think of your own ideas in a way that is at least a little spontaneous.
  5. 5.               TV producers and bookers who watch a bunch of your videos when trying to decide whether to book you will be more impressed that you are able to speak in a conversational manner, even with the occasional stumble.
  6. 6.               Supply creates its own demand. If you tell yourself you have unlimited time for unlimited takes, you will become either sloppy or perfectionist and use lots of time. If you tell yourself that you are doing this “live” and that it must be done in one take, you will make it happen.
  7. 7.               Your confidence in your ability to speak and communicate effectively when being interviewed by other media outlets will increase dramatically knowing you have a track record of regularly speaking fluently in one take on a variety of issues.
  8. 8.               You will enjoy the whole process a lot more because it will be less tedious and you will have time to focus on ideas and fun stuff.
  9. 9.               Do it in one take!

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