Raven Symoné Appointed Co Host of ‘The View’ | Media Training

Raven Symoné Appointed Co Host of ‘The View’ | Media Training

So Raven Symoné just won a plum job as co-host of The View. I’ve never seen her, to my knowledge, so I can’t give you a full assessment of her strengths and weaknesses as a communicator. What struck me when reading all the press announcements about her appointment was this: she has already been a guest on The View 37 times!

People around the world often call me or write to me asking how they can become a talk show host, and wanting me to train them to be good talk show hosts. Here is a hint: get invited to be a guest on a major show 37 times!

These days, the best way to get to host your own show is the be a frequent guest and to be great every time. (Just ask Dr. Phil). I doubt the producers of The View kept inviting back Raven Symoné because no one else would come on or out of laziness. They invited her back the second time because she was good and interesting the first time. They invited her back the third time because she was good the second time. And so on.

TV networks and empires don’t simply “cast” a host anymore based on a headshot and closed room tryout. Hosts are cast because they have a proven track record of being a great guest, often for years and half-decades.

If you want to be a TV talk show host, I’d recommend a two-pronged approach.

  1. Try to get booked as a guest as often as possible, and be a fantastic guest.
  2. Produce your won low-budget show and distribute it on iTunes and YouTube.

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