Media Training Worldwide Announces Launch of Media Training and Public Speaking Online Courses Taught by Acclaimed Expert TJ Walker

Formerly, learning first hand from a communication expert required taking face to face classes, which could be rather expensive.  Media Training Worldwide and master communication teacher TJ Walker recently announced they have used the power of the internet to bring media training and public speaking courses to students online at a reasonable price.

September 25, 2015

How people think of training in communication may never be quite the same.  Leading communication expert TJ Walker, along with Media Training Worldwide recently announced they are offering over a hundred online courses in public speaking and media training, delivered in an innovative and proven effective way.  This opens the door to study without having to be in the presence of Walker or another teacher, and picking up vital skills without having to pay top dollar for personal instruction.

“I’ve taught Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners and celebrities how to communicate effectively to the media and speak in public at premium prices,”  commented Walker about the new offer.  “Now this same type and quality of information can be learned at home, and at a reasonable price.  It’s a real win for people who want to learn these skills and improve their chances of success.”

Signing up is quick and easy at Media Training Worldwide’s very active and information packed website.

Reviews have been passionate.

Saber Tlili, recently said in a five star review, “I can’t believe this kind of course does exist.  TJ Walker doesn’t need to be presented. He’s with no doubt the best communication expert alive.”

To learn more visit or call TJ Walker at +1.212.764.4955


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