Rarely Speaking Is Just an Excuse | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Do your words count for more if you speak rarely? If you speak on such rare occasions that it motivates people to really pay attention when you speak?

I hear that people talk about that in folklore but in my experience, it is just not true. The people who have the most impact in any society, whether they are the political leaders of nations or the CEOs of the most powerful corporations, they tend to be people who are speaking all the time to large audiences, sometimes giving multiple speeches and interviews every single day.

I don’t notice that Warren Buffet has a lot less influence these days just because he’s doing interviews constantly and giving speeches. Steve Jobs does not have more influence just because he gives less speeches and interviews. Prominent presidents of countries and Prime Ministers do not diminish their authorities once they enter office and are giving speeches and interviews every day.

So i think there’s a huge myth out there that somehow your words will carry more weight if you speak so rarely that it becomes a special occasion. I think that it is frankly an excuse a lot of people give because they are either lazy or insecure and are not comfortable speaking so they use this as an excuse to speak less. I am not buying it!

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