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Public speaking top of the day: bacth your video presentations!

You don’t have to do one video at a set time once a month or once a week or even once a day. As long as you are not commenting on the news and its not all news related content, what you can do is batch them.

What I have done in the past is that I will create seven topics and once a week, I will do seven videos at once and then I wouldn’t have to think about it for a week. If i want, I don’t even have to shave for the seven days and nobody would care!

I have also done it once a month when I am busy or on the road and not in my regular studio with good lighting all the time. That way I don’t have to worry about it because once a month, I will have 30 topics in a google doc and I will do them all at once in a couple of hours.

Other times I have gone way ahead of schedule. Even today, i have a total of 87 topics which I can do all at once. That is another reason why you don’t see me wearing different clothes in every video because it was done all in one day. I have done as many as 150 videos altogether.

It is a massive time saver and it saves me time in scheduling and setting up the studio every other day. So keep that in mind if you have a technical setup for your videos or podcasts.

It also helps you to get into a flow and you can do many videos in one take as I have done often. Is it because I have superhuman abilities to be perfectly articulate? No! It is just easier if you do a whole lot one after the other as you develop fluency.

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