Make Your Bed Before Video Conferencing | Media Training | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

This is a public speaking and media training tip of the day: it is going to sound obvious but I am telling you that I experience this all the time from clients and colleagues. You may encounter a situation where you have to give a presentation over Skype or an online interview or maybe a video of a speech for someone. But when you are making the video, do not have an unmade bed behind you, especially in these days with so many issues relating to the bedroom and the workspace tied together.

The less you get people thinking about the bedroom when talking about something business related, the better. Part of it is just taking a few seconds and looking at the camera. Stand up and look and see what’s behind you. Look at it from the standpoint of someone receiving the image.

Quite often it is simply the difference of angling your laptop higher by putting it on a stack of books or putting it in a different direction so you don’t see the bed because it looks messy, sloppy, and distracting. Aim the camera someplace other than the bed.

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