Should I make this a formal or informal presentation?

There really is no such thing as a formal presentation or an informal presentation from the perspective of our audience. There are really only two kinds of presentations in the entire world:

Good ones.
And bad ones.
Really. That’s it.

Think about when you are in listening to someone speak or present in front of you. Are you thinking, Wow, I sure am glad this presenter is being formal and grabbing a lectern and standing in front of the room?
Of course not.

1 thought on “Should I make this a formal or informal presentation?”

  1. More proof of your iiasnnty, Brian. Why should “BoreAmerica” be given a press-pass to anything, much less an Al Franken debate? Yea, I’ll start a site called FuckBillORiellyInTheAss and ask for a press pass to any event he’s in. Very funny.You ‘bloggers’ sure do take yourselves way too seriously.Whats funny is that BoreAmerica could have bough a ticket just like everyone else. I guess they don’t really care that much, eh?I would have gone, but I had to work.

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