Are you trying to squeeze a square media solution into a round speaking hole? What that means is that you must respect the medium you are using to communicate with people.

What works in one medium does not necessarily work in the other. If people are coming to hear you give a speech, do not try to cover up the fact you do not have a great speech by showing video clips and lots of special effects in your PowerPoint. Imagine going to your favorite movie theater to see a much anticipated movie and the screen just shows the text from the book. No matter how well written it is, you will not want to see it on a movie screen. It is the same with public speaking; if people are coming to a room to hear you speak, do not hide behind glitzy music, animations, and special effects.

The glitz does not cover up the fact that you do not have a speech despite you wanting to take the attention off of you. This does not mean that you not use videos or animations, but you should use them for specific purposes such as highlighting something important. But do not put up ten minute montages to entertain people instead of speaking and communicating ideas to the audience.

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