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I see people saying i hate public speaking time and time again on an array of social media and real life. It is one of the most commonly searched phrases on the internet! I am not necessarily a believer that positive thinking solves all power, but i do think that negative thinking has strong power. If you keep telling yourself you hate something and that you will be awful at it, then you might as well will be.

You may even have a single friend that keeps stating how they hate the sex that they are attracted to and that generally does not end well. The hatred infects everything a negative manner. No one is asking you to love public speaking, but we do so many things in our lives that are essential to our success yet we do not love doing them like tasks as simple as shaving or washing dishes.

We do things because we need to, not always because we love to do it. Speaking is essential. If you really want to reach your peak potential in your career, whether you are in business, finance, or even athletics, the real success will be giving your speeches, lectures, and being a spokesperson for your purpose with command. And you cannot do that if you keep saying that you hate it.

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