If you are a regular viewer of my videos either on YouTube or Facebook, i want to take this moment to thank you. In fact, i also want to present to you a little offer.

I know many of you like the tips you get here but that is all they are- tips. They are not part of some larger, broader systematic course. Some of you may be aware that i have over a 100 online communications courses. The frustration that i typically get from most people is that even though they would like to purchase a course, it is out of their budget. My courses generally range around $300.

So if this is economically unfeasible for you, here is some good news: i have a membership program. There is a stigma attached with memberships that you get sucked into them and cannot escape or unsubscribe but i promise that is not the case with this one. Instead of getting one course for$300, you get all of my courses for $19.95 per month. And here is the thing: you can cancel whenever you want to.

So what you can do is that you can purchase the membership for a month, go through as many courses as you would like to, and then simply cancel the subscription. This way you can get your training for under $20.

But why am i doing this? I am actually revamping my courses and videos. I am reshooting them and getting better and less annoying backdrops. All of the current courses have exceptional content but some of the production value is not up to par which is why i have chosen to revamp. So if you like my style and content, this is the best deal you are going to get.


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