Is repeating yourself during a media interview or a speech a big problem? Is it going to be difficult for your audience if you say the same thing more than once? I just repeated myself on that occasion. But you won’t even remember that in a minute or two!

I have seen globally that when an audience finds a speaker boring, it is rarely because the speaker repeated interesting messages which means that is not the problem. The hard problem is to make people remember anything from your speech. If they cannot remember your messages, then they are not going to remember that you repeated a sentence either.

I encourage people to come back to their central message again and again when doing media interviews so it gets better odds in the stories and people remember it better.

It may feel weird at first but it is the most effective way of getting desired quotes into the story. So i believe that as a speaker, you should not be worried about repeating yourself but you should be focused upon putting forth a handful of ideas that are memorable through case studies, images, clips, and sometimes by repetition.


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