Here is the thing about teleprompters: you may think that they can help you in your speaking, but they are actually even more work than you imagine.

Working with a teleprompter requires you to put in much more effort than what having a single sheet of paper with some points and an outline would. People tend to gravitate towards the use of teleprompters for one of two reasons. They either think that they will not have to memorize their speech anymore or they think that having teleprompter will give everything a lot of structure which was not present otherwise. These are false assumptions. If you want to use a teleprompter, you will realize that it is an unnatural thing that you cannot simply get used to immediately. That is not how you are used to speaking. When you do so in front of a lot of people, you freak out as you overthink about how you can easily get left behind the scrolling text, as a result you end up sounding like a zombie.

For most people, besides the likes of heads of states, the biggest problem is not to get a word wrong but it is that you give a forgettable speech. Using a teleprompter makes you a blander and harder to remember speaker. While i do have a course on how to use a teleprompter, i would not recommend the use of it for most people in business. Simply use a page of outline of notes and you will be much more effective.


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