Speak and Present with Confidence – the Warren Buffett Way

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated by public speaking, presentation skills, communication skills, rhetoric, oratory, and don’t even get me started about political debates!


To many, if not most people in the world, these subjects are as exciting as dental flossing. Sure, you need to know how to floss. Sure, you should floss regularly if you want to avoid tooth and gum decay. But watching more videos or taking more courses on dental flossing is a hard sell to, well, anybody.

I face a similar challenge when trying to communicate good communication skill principles in new videos, and other social media formats. So I’m trying something new, starting today, where I look at the particular set of communication skills through the lens of a well-known and typically respected Leader. This could be a celebrity, an influencer, a sports figure, a CEO, or a world political leader.

I’m trying to engage people in a way that’s going to be interesting to them and bring them into this world of thinking about presentation skills in a deeper way. 

This is going to be a weekly series. The first one just launched a moment ago, and it features the speaking skills of Warren Buffett.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/mediatraining and leave a comment on the video as to what you like, don’t like, find helpful, or even a waste of time.

Also, I would love to have your opinion on future leaders, communication skills I should critique and react to. Please feel free to email me directly or to post your suggestions on the YouTube channel or on the YouTube community tab https://www.youtube.com/@MediaTraining/community. .

Most of the leaders in public affairs and business that I train in my high-stakes presenter program ask for anonymity, so I do not mention them by name. But if you are interested in going from a good presenter to a great, world class communicator quickly, then please go to the https://www.highstakespresenter.com and sign up for a call today.


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