The #1 Way To Be A Speaker in 2023

For decades, I’ve trained people around the world on how to speak more effectively, and to speak to more people, to live audiences, and through the media. But I am ashamed to admit that the number one way for really reaching people is one I have, for the most part, ignored.

I’m talking about YouTube. Sure, I’ve been on YouTube since 2005 and I’ve had several channels, with some reaching 1 million views. But really, I’ve never taken YouTube seriously, even though I’ve posted thousands of videos. I’ve never even cracked 15,000 subscribers.

Well, it’s time to make some changes.

Here are some of the questions I hear most frequently from clients around the world:

How do I become a professional speaker?

If I want to be a really successful expert/trainer/author/consultant in my industry in the long term, what’s the best way for me to promote myself?

What’s the best way for me to promote my own small business?

What’s the best way for my large corporation to promote our product line?

There are a lot of different questions, but they all really have one answer.


Specifically, doing YouTube the right way. The reality is there are tens of thousands of Youtubers around the world, most you’ve never heard of, who have half a million to 1,000,000 subscribers or more, and routinely speak to more than 1 million people around the globe through their videos on a monthly basis.

This is powerful!

Recently, I’ve taken an advanced course on how to do YouTube effectively, and I realize I’ve done everything the wrong way.

In a nutshell, the people who do really well on YouTube do one really high-quality video regularly, at least once a week. I’m not an expert yet, but all you have to do is search for expertise on YouTube and you will find a lot of great professionals giving away their information for free.

The barrier to entry for YouTube is extremely low. Anyone can get a free YouTube account by getting a free Gmail account. Then, if you have a cell phone, you are in business.


The barriers to success are extremely high! Typically, YouTubers toil away for five years or more without any payoff or much of an audience. Then, seemingly overnight, everything clicks. Their audience grows substantially. Their influence multiplies, and good things start happening everywhere in their career.

The downside, of course, is that everyone wants a quick fix. 

If you are a long-term thinker, I am convinced that YouTube is the absolute best investment of your time and resources. If you want to build a great, long-term career.

I’m now completely changing everything I do on YouTube. I’m experimenting on new formats and new looks, and new ways of doing things.

While I am an expert on communications, I am not an expert on how to be a YouTube superstar.


But I hope to be, even though it may take five years.

I would love to get any feedback you have, and advice you have on topics and formats you think I should try in order to engage people on the subject of communication skills and presentation skills. Traditionally, this has not excited people as much as the latest pop-culture scandal.

Please give me feedback on this video I just released today that answers the question “what do I do with hands when I speak?” looked at through the humorous lens of comedian Will Ferrell.

I’m also experimenting with short form content. Now, I love talking and talking about presentation skills, and some of my courses are 30 hours long, but my most viewed video recently was only 10 seconds long. Please check it out here.

I also experimented with going live on YouTube yesterday. Here is my analysis of a contentious media interview with congressman George Santos this week.

Here’s a longer form video I did analyzing the presentation skills of Warren Buffett.

And here are a whole series of short videosI posted within the last week.

Please, send me any feedback you have. One way is to just make comments right on the video on YouTube in the comment section. But you can also write to me at

I’m not the right consultant for you if you want to start a world-class YouTube channel from scratch, but if you are looking to improve your on camera skills or any of your presentation skills, I know I can help you. Please go to to learn more about our coaching program.


TJ Walker.

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