Urban Meyer Shows Lack of Leadership by Banning Ohio State Players from Twitter

Ohio State Football head coach, Urban Meyer made the bold move today of banning the social media site, Twitter, for the OSU Football team.

By “bold,” I mean idiotic, overreaching, nonsensical and draconian—same difference right?

It is not unusual for a new head coach to impose new rules onto a program as he takes over, and it is not unusual that social media has become such a reality in our time that rules might accompany its use.

Being a college football athlete means that one’s life is already governed by a host of rules. Many major universities employ massive compliance offices to help both players and coaches abide by all of the many rules. Ohio State, for the most part, ignored those offices during the Jim Tressel era, but 2012 should bring about change there as well.

So, a “Twitter rule” is just one more rule. This rule, however, goes too far.

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1 thought on “Urban Meyer Shows Lack of Leadership by Banning Ohio State Players from Twitter”

  1. Keep it up Brian, looks like AAR has two dtcadieed interns posting on your blog! You must have gotten under their skin, which means your doing something righ!

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