Milking the interview for more

Why settle for just one interview on one subject if you can get two or three in one sitting?

Anytime I do one interview I pitch the reporter at the very end to see if there is interest in doing another interview on related but different topics. So if I reporter has interviewed me on how an executive has both a crisis media interview I might also pitch them on the idea of an analysis of the president’s latest big speech or a how-to story on how people can improve their job interview skills. This doesn’t work all the time or even a majority of the time. But it works often enough that it greatly increases my overall interview count for the year and it positions me stronger in the eyes of a reporter as a versatile communications expert and not simply a public speaking expert or a crisis communications expert.  Even if the reporter doesn’t have the time or interest in doing a second story on a second topic, he/she usually appreciates the initiative and the interest in their media outlet. In fact, I’ve never received any negative outcome from asking a reporter to consider doing a second story on a related topic.

If I develop a relationship with a media outlet whereby their reporter is calling me semi-frequently, I will also pitch them on the idea of me being a regular columnist or video/audio commentator for their media outlet. Again, it doesn’t usually happen that open. But when it does, it is a great way of reaching a new audience on a regular basis.

Remember the ultimate way to reach people through the media is to be the media, not just via social media, but by having a regular presence in the traditional media. Also, there is no easier way of pitching yourself as a guest or interview subject to the media than for you to already be in the media. If you doubt me, just watch Barbara Walters when she is promoting a book or the late Tim Russert when he promoted his books. Both were on every TV and radio show on every network. Were their books that good? May, maybe not, but no one is going to say no to people who are that prominent in the media.

So yeas you should always treat every interview as an end in and of itself, but you should also treat each one as an audition for a job as a regular columnist/TV/Radio commentator.

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