What are the 4 specific things you want to accomplish in every media interview?

All of my clients are different in that they all have different messages and styles they want to communicate through the media. And yet everyone is the same. It doesn’t matter if my client is a President of a country, a US Senator, a Prime minister, a CEO, a billionaire fund manager, a professional athlete or even a member of a Royal family—all of my clients want the following four things (any you should to):

  1. To look comfortable, confident and relaxed on TV, sound great on radio and come across poised in front of reporters of all mediums.
  2. To know how to create a simple, 3-part message on the topic of the interview—one that can be communicated entirely in 30 seconds.
  3. A strategy and a skill set for answering questions during an interview in such a way as to not give all the power to the reporter and to be able to focus on one’s own key messages without seeming to dodge questions from the reporter.
  4. To know how to get word-for-word the exact sound bite or quote you want in the final story. And to know what quote will be used before the interview even happens. To have a system that can be used for every interview that turns any message point into a sound bite that reporters will find irresistible le—this is the final and ultimate goal.

Everything in this book is geared toward helping you reach all four of these objectives and to have these skills and to be able to use them in every media interview you face for the rest of your life.

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