Large Group Presentation Skills Workshop Training Proposal

The above video proposal spells out all details of the large group presentation training workshop. And it includes all fees.

Below is more information on what is included in this training.

Pre-Training conference call

1 day of in-person video-recorded presentation skills workshop with TJ Walker

Personalized video critique of each trainee’s homework

Up to 10 follow up Skype rehearsals (after the training)

Up to 20 video critiques per person after the training sessions for up to one year

Access to two online presentation training courses for 1 year

Unlimited Text/email questions answered by TJ for 12 months

2 Hour Training prep time with TJ via phone/email

To schedule your training, call +1.212.764.4955 or email

Become a media pro in 20 minutes

Free download for a limited time only [value of


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