Does Your Presentation Quality Go Up and Down Like a Yo-Yo?

Do you ever feel like you are a better than average communicator, perhaps a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale, and yet you’re still frustrated that you’re not consistently confident going into every presentation? 

You are not alone.

When it comes to your presentations, PowerPoints, new business pitches, podcast interviews, making YouTube videos and doing other media interviews, do you sometimes feel like you are a yo-yo, going up and down? Some days you’re at 10, other days, you’re just a 5? And you aren’t quite sure why?

It’s frustrating.

Perhaps you have rehearsed, even on video. Maybe you’ve taken an online training or an in-person training. Still, you fall back into old habits of second-guessing yourself, or trying to convey too much data, or talking over the heads of your audience.

Nobody calls you out on this. Others tell you that you are perfectly fine as a presenter. But deep down, you know you’re not really doing your best. You aren’t truly communicating.

Perhaps you nailed a new business pitch in front of 5 prospects last week. But just yesterday you had to present to a larger audience, of 30 prospects, and you felt nervous and resorted to just going through the slide deck in a boring manner?

This is a problem that affects successful professionals around the world. 

But really successful people come up with a solution to this problem. Steve Jobs used to take an entire week to rehearse his major product launch presentations. But most of us don’t have a whole week we can block off for rehearsal. However,  there are other techniques that work really well too.

With my clients, I find that video rehearsal, even if it’s just for 30 seconds, in the back of a cab with your own cell phone, is often enough to make the difference between going into a communications opportunity, full of confidence versus full of doubt.

Each individual needs to come up with a standard operating procedure for getting them to the point where they have not only complete confidence going into every communication opportunity, but they have actual evidence that they are communicating with their audience.

In this video I have attached here, I give a few more techniques on how you can have a quick and systematic process for preparing your style and substance before any presentation. 

Please take a look and leave a comment.

If you’ve ever experienced this yo-yo phenomenon, then I urge you to not simply accept it. Don’t have the attitude of “oh I have ON days and OFF days and there’s nothing I can do about it.“ There is something you can do about it.

Sometimes it does help to get an outsider‘s perspective. If you would like to talk to me about this, I am available for a no obligation, no cost consultation. Please click this link to set up a 15 minute call.

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