The Ugly Side Of Public Relations In The Beauty Industry

Mike Bako sits down with the Director of Publicity for Yellow Sky Agency Marcy Clark, to discuss Yellow Skys campaign for the book Beauty Wars on Inside Communications

3 thoughts on “The Ugly Side Of Public Relations In The Beauty Industry”

  1. Marcy is very animated. Her low cut dress distracted my attention because the eyes kept being led from the face, the flow of her her and down the cleavage. I noticed that local young news reporters wear low cut tops which I find very distracting. Is it just me? Is there a dress code for females for interviews?

  2. Strong, captivating information. Poor choice of dress. Reality is that it DOES matter what you wear. Whenever you do anything…not being careful what you wear, strange gestures, unorthodox facial expressions… that distracts from your message, you’ve made a critical media error. It should be all about delivering important, critical information, not inviting wandering eyes, and flashing a bit too much. Leave that for the late night talk shows.

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