Is professional speaking the new multi level marketing scam of our times? Is it the new Ponzi scheme?

I try to gauge the circumstances and conditions around me so i go around signing up as survey and many people, whom i have never even heard of, reach out to me telling me that they will turn me into a professional speaker. For the most part, that is just a complete scam. If you go into the industry thinking you want to make a ton of money, you are likely to not succeed. I know this because along with interacting with a lot of professional speakers, i myself am also a speaker.

People like these are good at selling you a dream: work an hour a week, get up on stage and immediately become the center of attention, collect you thick wad, and go home to sit by your lavish pool and lovely wife and kids. These internet marketers are earning money selling fantasies. So be wary. This does not mean that you cannot be earning as a speaker. But the starting point has to be you having a passion and expertise in a particular subject.

So do not try to become a professional speaker but try to become an expert who has information and insights that people want. If your passion, expertise, and following is there, then you are ready to start selling your speeches in the market and to become a professional speaker that earns.


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