Are you feeling nervous about giving a speech or a presentation? Well, why not rehearse it in front of dogs? That is what some people actually suggest! This is one of the stupidest ideas i have ever heard. For some reason public speaking tends to attract dumb ideas.

The problem with practicing in front of a dog is that you are guaranteed to fail. When you give a speech, your goal is not to simply feel comfortable, your goal is to make your audience understand your message and perform an action you want them to do. So unless the message of your speech is to fetch or sit and roll over, then you are going to achieve nothing by practicing in front of a dog.

I am in favor of doing things that help people become more comfortable but it should serve a higher purpose. If you want to get better at speaking, you need to video yourself and get actual feedback by actual human beings who will eventually be your audience. If you plan on delivering speeches to dogs as your audience for the rest of your life then go ahead and practice in front of them. But if you want to get ready to speak to humans, then get your skills reviewed by actual people.

The ultimate goal is to get across to people and make them understand the course of action you want them to take. The positive approval that comes from a drooling and panting dog sitting obediently in front of you does nothing in regards of that.


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