What is the BIG question you should ask before every interview?

No, I don’t mean what the toughest question is that a reporter might ask. And I don’t even mean what is the #1 message you are trying to convey. Instead, the big question is “what do you want people to do after they have read, heard or seen your message?”

That is the strategic starting point. Not questions, not answers, but actual action-oriented goals.

If you are a politician and it is near an election, your goal is to get people to vote for you. If you are a product manager for Lexus, you want people to buy a new Lexus.

This doesn’t mean you should then devote your interview to saying over and over again “vote for me,” or “buy a Lexus,” but it does mean that these actions are the driving point for your messages, the interview and the whole media process.

Too often, people lose sight of their overall goals and the end point they are striving for. Your goal should be to “do media” (as fun as that might be). Your goal is to get people to buy your products, services or ideas and the media is the best way of reaching them with your reasons when you can’t sit down and have a one on one talk with them.

Start your interview preparation and your messaging process with the end in mind and everything you do will be more productive and fruitful.

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