Obama Solidifies Podcasting as Credible | Media Training

Obama Solidifies Podcasting as Credible | Media Training

President Obama appeared on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast show earlier this week (taped in comedian Marc Maron’s garage) and the show was downloaded 900,000 within hours.  Wow!

It was only two years ago when a recurring joke on HBO’s The Newsroom revolved around the star anchor being fired and exiled to a podcast. Today, it’s not uncommon for MSNBC to get a mere 15,000 viewers and for Al Jazeera to get 10% of that. (Compared to millions of views and listens to come podcasts)

Marc Maron has been podcasting for five years and I suspect he will continue to until health or death takes him out. He can’t be canceled by the whims of a new network head or a corporate buyout. Maron has a relationship with his audience and, increasingly, that is all that matters, not the “network” a show is on. Because now every show is on the “network” of the internet.

You can expect the bevy of Republican presidential candidates doing more and more podcast interviews in the coming months.

We are at an inflection point where podcasters are about to seem more “real” than traditional broadcasters. A podcaster can show measurable downloads. Whereas, many AM talk radio shows have no measurable ratings at all.

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