Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh convinces 400 men to Castrate Themselves | Media Training

This case is bizarre. Check out the details here.

Apparently this guru convinced 400 men to cut off their own testicles because he persuaded them this would get them closer to God. Wow!

Now that is what I call persuasive speaking ability!

We all need to be reminded occasionally that great speaking skill is a separate and distinct skill which may or may not be linked to goodness or the truth. The greatest political leaders in the world usually have tremendous public speaking skills. But the worst tyrants, cult leaders, demagogues, charlatans, conmen and genocidal maniacs also frequently have great speaking skills.

Don’t be fooled by great speaking skills; always look at what the ideas are that the speaker is communicating and analyze them based on facts, logic and truth, not just presentation style.

TJ Walker teaches leaders how to communicate effectively. He does his best to avoid coaching demagogues and ruthless tyrants.

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