Source remorse, don’t let it get you down | media training

There’s a growing problem many people have and it’s called source remorse. Here’s a typical scenario: you do an interview with a reporter about mental illness and you are candid about your own problems. But now 10 years go by and when someone Googles your name, this story pops up. You might not be ashamed about your past but do you want this to be the first thing people find, especially if your job hunting?

That’s why people are having second thoughts about interviews they’ve done in the past. These days if you say something stupid to the media it’s not just fish wrap tomorrow morning. It’s something people can find a day later, a week later, a year later, perhaps even decades later.

So what does this mean? Should this be an excuse to turn down all media interviews? No that’s too extreme and that could destroy your ability to use the media effectively.

It does mean it’s more important than ever to prepare for media interviews. That’s why it’s essential to narrow your messages down to your top 3, plus create quality quotes. And that’s why it’s important to have great sound bites prepared for each message point. That way you going to every interview thoroughly prepared. If you do that,  the chances are very low you will ever suffer from source remorse.

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