What are the Four Most Important Body Language Tips for Public Speakers? | Public Speakers | Presentation Skills

What are the four most essential body language tips when it comes to becoming a better speaker and a better presenter? Well, here they are!

Number 1: Really look at your audience. How many times have you been in a conference or a meeting and the presenter is just reading off of a screen? You could get up and light your hair on fire and the speaker wouldn’t notice because they are so busy looking at the bullet points on their screen, notes, or the worst, their smartphone. This behavior shows that you did not bother to prepare. So make sure to really look at your audience as you speak.

Number 2: Move you hands. When we are comfortable and are talking about something that we care deeply about, we move our hands naturally. So when you speak in front of people and freeze your hands, you actually freeze your body language. Instead of worrying about moving your hands too much, worry about freezing your hands.

Number 3: Move your body. Sounds obvious, but many people think standing professionally means standing stiffly to the point where only your lips move and end up looking like they are in a hostage video.

Number 4, and there is some controversy about this: Walk! If you are giving a speech in front of a live audience, then you should move around the room. As long as you are not pacing nervously, your movement will make you look more comfortable and confident. The purpose of movement is that it seems purposeful and is occasional. There are times where you will have to stop to make a point.

Those are the four most important tips when it comes to the body language of a speaker.

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