What is the Easiest Way to Become a TED Public Speaker | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

So what is the easiest way to be a TED speaker- not just a TEDx speaker- but a speaker on the main TED platform? Here is the answer.

Do not worry about becoming a TED speaker. Instead, focus on having great ideas that you are constantly sharing with the whole world and you are speaking about it all the time. Some of the most popular TED speaker so fall time are people like Al Gore, and Anthony Robins. What do those two people have in common? They have given thousands and thousands and thousands of speeches before they even heard about TED.

Al Gore was giving speeches about the environment when no one has even thought about the environment. He gave them for free year after years after year before he began to make millions speaking about it for movies that went all around the world.

So, rather than reading tens of books about how to become a TED speaker, while some those certainly are great, focus on having ideas that can add value to people and the world and just speak. Speak at every opportunity that you get to talk about it. Whether it is in front of large audiences, small audiences, paid audiences, or free audiences- and that is the fastest way to get to the TED stage.

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