Why Should Your Organization Use Online Video to Promote Itself? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

What is the reason that your business or organization should be using video online in order to promote itself?

Number 1: chances are, your competitors are not doing it. It does not matter if you are a government agency or the greatest entertainer in the world, everyone has some competition and everyone wants to overdo them. So online video promotion instantly becomes a way to stand out above all competitors.

The second reason as to why you should be doing this is because it is simply the way that people in this day and age like to receive their information especially those who are under 35 years of age. People are much more comfortable watching videos than reading more and more text of information.

The third reason is that it is a way for people to see your passion on a subject. When people see you speaking about what it is that you do, the passion comes through and it is a great way of conveying emotion that text or audio isn’t capable of doing.

Number 4: it is a great way of putting spotlight on one or two issues that you care about.

The fifth reason is that if you want to motivate someone to do something, video is a much more persuasive medium to get them moving the way you want them to. That is why organizations spend all the big bucks on SuperBowl ads. It is not just about the large audience, it is also about the video element that is much more persuasive than just text.

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