What is the Most Effective Way to Use Facebook Video to Build Your Business? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

What is the most effective way to use Facebook video to build your business. First starters, you have to figure out who is your audience and who you are trying to reach.

For many people this is the hardest thing because it cannot be everyone. Then you have to figure out what content they will find the most interesting and what they will interact with and find relevant to their interests. You need to test different types of videos and different kinds of content and test what are people liking, what they are sharing, and what they are leaving comments on which is very crucial.

The other important thing is timing. You need to know how often you want to put out content for your audience to view. Maybe you want to put out videos once every month, which might be too less. Maybe you want to put out a video once every week, we are getting a bit closer. Then maybe you think that twice a week works better. Or you may even want to put up a video every day! What you want to do is check the metrics that are given to you by Facebook in the Insights portion.

Come up with an editorial schedule that you can stick with.What I do is that I take out one morning in a week, a bloc of a couple of hours, where I make 30 videos in a row so that when I am traveling and I have to put up a video every day of the week, I do not fall behind as I have everything programmed out for the future to a certain extent.

I would also recommend to not put too much content on your Facebook page in a single day. Focus on putting out 3 pieces of content at maximum in a day and making sure that they get engaged with.

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