How do you Make a YouTube Video Without Appearing on Camera? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

How do you make a YouTube or online video without appearing on camera? I know that this is a popular topic and that there are so many videos on YouTube with millions and millions of views.

I am sorry if this seems like a bait and switch but I would like to address this issue personally because for most businesses, most of the time, I am a strong believer that that is not what they should be doing.

Now if you have a highly technical subject matter that you need to be conveying that you have to show graphs and other visuals, then that is fine. But most of the time when people are going through all this effort to learn about software and technology that can help them make videos without having to appear on camera, it is usually not because it would help the organisation or the clients, but it is because they have fear .

People are afraid of how they will look on camera and that is why tend to avoid it. But guess what: nobody cares! If you can give people information that is useful and helpful to them, then everyone will win. Appearing on camera as a person gives you and your organisation credibility. You are not just a faceless, nameless, computer generated program that could have been made by someone in their basement .

My recommendation is that whenever putting out a video, you or someone from your organisation should be on camera. Do not be cowardly. Stop clicking on videos that show you how to make a YouTube video without appearing on camera and instead practice on video until you like what you see.

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