How to Build Your Brand Using Online Video | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

So, how can you build your brand using online video? First of all, let’s step back and think what a brand actually is.

A brand is just a consistency of what you deliver. It is a consistent experience for your customers. If you go to a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, the hamburgers and the fries taste pretty much the same. The same goes for Starbucks; there will be the same fresh coffee, the same lighting, and the same chairs at whichever branch you visit.

So if you want to build your brand through online video then you are going to have to be consistent. You should not post very high quality video content one day, not post anything for a week, and then post something that is very rough and simple the next week. Try to be consistent.

What I try to do on this channel, whether you are watching on Facebook or YouTube, is to give you tips on how you can be a better presenter and a better communicator. So I do not come on here and give you my opinion on the winner of the Super Bowl or give you my political views. I just come here and give you tips on how you can become a better communicator. That is the consistency of my brand. Now, I have changed over the years and moved on to simpler backgrounds as people criticised my previous backdrops.

The most important thing is that are you giving people content that is useful and entertaining and are you delivering it consistently? Do that and you will certainly enhance your brand through video.

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