How do you Create a Successful YouTube Channel? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

How do you create a successful YouTube channel for starters you have to define success on your own terms.

Not everyone can be a comedian or Justin Bieber with 50 million views. You need to define what your objectives are. For example my goal with my YouTube channel is for it to complement with my professional training business. I am not looking for millions of views or subscribers. What I am looking for is to gain credibility, so if anyone wants to hire me for a day to train them, they feel comfortable doing so. In this way, I get more leads and I close with more prospects through my content on YouTube. I am not trying to get billions of dollars to advertisements on my failures neither am I trying to get a Hollywood deal. This channel of mine has in excess of half a million views which is not impressive by the standards of comedians and entertainers but it is on the high end in my niche which is why I am happy with it.

When it comes to your own channel, you have to figure out what you are trying to do or achieve through it. Then think about what your content is going to be. After, you must think about what your editorial schedule is going to be like. Would you like to put out 5 videos in a single day and then nothing for 2 months?

I try to put one video per day, every day of the week. This way, my viewers know there will always be content for them to dip into.

So my recommendation for you is to figure out your goals beforehand, and then do something regularly with consistency that fits with what you want to achieve.

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