How to do Video Livestreaming Effectively | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Video livestreaming has never been easier. More and more organizations are talking about using it. I want to give you a few tips on how to make a video livestream as successful as possible.

For starters, test. You have put in so much effort in inviting people to listen to you and watch you and the prospect of something going wrong is horrifying. Anything involving video is complicated and can change. A few months ago, livestreaming on Facebook was as simple as clicking on a button. However, a little time later, they changed their programming and it became wildly complicated on desktop. It is still simple on the smartphone which is something you should be aware of prior.

My other recommendation is that you should have an idea of what you want to say in the livestream, but try not to have a whole script in front of you. People do not want to watch you read on a livestream as it is boring and monotonous. It is fine to have a few bullet points that you can refer to but do not read off of a paper.

You should have a purpose for inviting people to your stream, which can also be to get feedback and comments and encourage interaction with your viewers. Also, if you are doing this as an organization, you should spend a little money on equipment such as a microphone. Invest in decent lighting so that people can see you.

Follow these tips, and video livestreaming can become a very effective way to get in touch with your audience in a much more interactive way.

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