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Bad public speaking tip of the day: “I don’t have a lot of time so I am gonna go through this very, very quickly” “We don’t have extra time today, we are running late, and we have to makeup for it somehow so I am just going to skip over the first two points”. Folks, this is a complete waste of time.

Anytime that you are running short of time, do not make it worse by talking about not having enough time. Do not mention that you are running late, neither speak very quickly and fast because people cannot process information if you are breezing through your lines. Just speak like you normally would. Use your normal speaking tone, and it will be up to you to narrow the focus.

For example, if you thought you had half an hour and there were five main points that you had to cover, but you end up finding out that you have only ten minutes, then you are far better off giving two to three points with proper examples, case studies, and stories than just cramming everything in that space of time.

Then if people want the rest, you can email them, meet them afterwards, or answer their questions out by the hallway. The key is to not rush or apologize, waste time, or dwell on the lack of time. Just use your normal methods and use every second that you have to give value to the audience.

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