I Will Make a Promotional Video for Your Favorite Charity | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Are you involved with fundraising for a local non-profit or charity? Well, you probably know that you can send direct mail or email to ask for money. There are all sorts of ways of asking for money and raising money these days. You can even hold fundraisers with celebrities to attract more people.

But frankly the best way is sitting down one on one and asking someone directly and actually speaking to them. Now, this video isn’t about the asking but what it is about is blending the technologies together. You are already using email asking for money so why not put in simple video of yourself asking someone for donations and put a cell phone on yourself if you need to hold up a webcam.

Now I know some of you are staying: TJ, I know I should but I just do not want to. I don’t like it. If that is the case then I am going to give you an offer it here today. This is something that I offer my clients in person but I will go ahead and offer it to you as well. If you have a charity or a non profit organisation or foundation and you are trying to raise money for any good cause, if you send me the talking points, I will just create a video for you and it will look like my typical videos with a white background, a dark shirt, and me speaking.

This is just my way of contributing some help to your cause. It is easier for me to do videos than most people because I hit the button once and my Studio lights, mics, and everything else comes to life. I will not charge you for this or send you a bill. So just write me a few talking points and I will dash out a version or two for you so that you can use it anyway you like.

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