Don’t Obsess Over Every New Tech Innovation | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

I love technology and use it quite often. I use PowerPoint, laptops, cameras, and cellphones but one of the beauties of people coming into a room together is to hear someone speak. Its is one of the rare moments that isn’t primarily about technology in the modern world.

In some ways, it is no different than people gathering in a room to hear Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate for five hours. It is an actual live experience. The same goes for Broadway shows and other live performances. Sure, you may love movies, but the experience of being in a room and seeing people speak is a very different one. And that is why you need to realize that you cannot and should not obsess over every single piece of technology or innovation that comes out.

If you are a PowerPoint professional, you need to keep up with all the new updates and effects that come out every month or a couple of months but if you are a typical executive and you give presentations as a part of your job, then take my advice and do not obsess over every single piece of technology.

What you should obsess about is the reaction youw ill get from your audience after your presentation. Are they truly understanding and remembering your messages? As a presentation guru, be obsessed with your audience and what is going to help them understand your message better.

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