Boost Your Energy for Media Interviews | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Are you looking for one tip that can make you sound even better, stronger, more comfortable, and confident for radio and TV interviews? Here it is: boost your energy up by 20 percent!

The problem most people have is that whenever they get in front of a camera or in front of a microphone, they get a little nervous and without realizing it, they shrink up and tense up which brings their volume down along with their energy levels. This makes them more monotone than usual and ultimately, quite boring.

If you want to come across as more confident and more interesting, which should be your goal, you need to try to be more engaging by being louder and adding more excitement in your voice. Don’t worry about coming across as a wild and crazy person on Tv or radio, you will just come across as energetic, confident, and passionate about the topic and your enthusiasm will convince other people to join in with you as well.

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