Should You Wear Glasses When Giving a Speech? | Public Speaking | Presentation Skills

Should you wear glasses when giving a speech or a media interview? Well right now I am wearing thick, plastic, reading glasses that I got from the grocery store for three dollars and this is what I usually use at my home for reading purposes or on an airplane because I like their flexibility and inexpensiveness. But if I am creating a video and I need glasses to look at the keys on my keyboard, I would wear some that aren’t as noticeable and do not cast shadows on my face.

The problem with big plastic glasses is that they cast shadows on your face and makes you look very dominant, and sort of a typical nerd or Clark Kent wannabe. There is nothing wrong if you wear glasses regularly though here is a rule of thumb: if you always wear glasses and need them to see, then by all means, wear your glasses. But if you are just giving a speech and do not need to read anything, then I would recommend taking them off.

I need to wear glasses when I am reading but whenever I have to give a speech, I avoid them because maybe I am a bit vain. That is just a joke- the reason I am avoiding them is because I do not want to create a blanket between myself and my listeners. I want them to see my eyes as well as feel like I am simply having a conversation with them.

If you are being projected onto a bigger screen, glassed can produce a glare and you would look bad. So avoid them during speeches if you can but if you cannot- then make sure to get them glare-proofed.

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