10 Ways to Pitch New Business in 2012

Ms. Thomas, CEO, Trainer Communications, recently called into Inside Communications Radio with host Mike Bako to discuss her enlightening article on CommPRO entitled: “10 Ways to Pitch New Business In 2012.”

In this article, Ms. Thomas explains how 2011 in the business She explains that 2012 will be about innovation and creativity, It will important for companies to build proper networks, pitching your personal specalities and skills, and establishing excellent rapport with prospect customers and investors.

In the interview, the first major step Susan discusses is being a listener. Ms. Thomas states that “a good listener is always going to be a little bit better as a sales person”. Her firm uses many quantitative measurements to find prospect investors to increase business. She also discusses that the toughest part of doing business is walking out of an opportunity, especially dealing with a bad business investment.

Ms. Thomas’ article is available at http://blog.commpro.biz/?p=3556 well as many other articles in the world of Public Relations at CommPRO.

About Susan Thomas:
Susan Thomas established Trainer Communications in 1995 to support technology companies with integrated marketing and public relations services. Since that time, the agency has gained acclaim as the 7th largest privately held communications agency in the Bay Area and one of the Top 10 agencies to work for in the U.S. and in 2010 was named the best small agency in the United States.

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