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Public speaking tip of the day: when you get to a venue where you are supposed to be speaking on a stage, get their early and check out the stage!

You should walk around on the stage, figure out whether there are any danger spots, see if there is any reason you would come in the danger of the falling of the stage, which, by the way, actually happened to me once 20 years ago! I was conducting a media interview and i fell off the back of the stage because i went one foot back more than i should have. It is embarrassing, so do not let that happen to you!

So get up and walk around. There may be parts of the stage that are very creaky, soft, or unstable. You can avoid that by checking it out beforehand. You would also want to see what different parts of the audience you can see from different parts of the stage.

Ideally, when you are speaking, you are expected to use as much of the stage as possible but you should not be getting obscured for one part of the audience while talking to the other side. So make sure that the first time you walk on stage is not when you start your speech or presentation.

Get there early, check out the danger spots if there are any, see where the cords are so you do not trip on them later, look for any chairs or plants in the vicinity- you need to know exactly what you environment is.

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