How to Prepare Yourself for A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel

Here is a guide to prepare yourself for making a digital TV network or channel. This article will provide valuable information for those involved in communications or who are subject experts. Traditionally, PRP, people in communications, or subject matter experts try to get in the media via newsletters, blogs, texts, and articles. They think videos are too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. They think they do not have that many resources. But believe it, those days are over now. There is now no rational reason for you not to create your channel.

  • If you are a PR firm, you can do 2 or 3 videos each week highlighting your clients’ specialty or any news.
  • If you are a large company, you can do a video for anything you put a press release out on.
  • If you are a subject matter expert, you can provide your opinion on something recently in the news” or if it’s evergreen content, just put it out there.

Clear your objective-why you want a channel

Creating a channel to be viral on YouTube and becoming rich quickly with some new marketing scheme is not a very good goal. It is not about creating an entertaining but meaningless video and getting millions of views. Nor about how to be the next Justin Beiber. This job is for the people who can comment, analyze, and deliver information or news. Because you are not going to have things go viral in most cases. The average video on YouTube has three views, so people talking about making viral videos don’t know what they are focusing on. Some videos may get more than 100000 views, but most don’t. Most get far fewer than that, but it does not matter if you regularly put out information and have an audience that likes and values what you provide. You will not do one entertainment video like some movie and remain polishing it and working on it for the next two years.

You have to provide regular content on the channel. Be careful of the people trying to sell you expensive webinars and expertise to become viral. Check their channel on YouTube and look at how successful their strategy worked for them, and even if they are successful, ask yourself if they really used a particular strategy that can be copied and sold. Create good content regularly, which will help to build up your audience.

Identify and focus your niche

When you create your YouTube channel, the first thing you have to do is figure out your focus and your target audience. If you have an automotive website and previously you have done tax dues articles, and primarily you have reviews about cars, you need videos with you reviewing cars. The content can be similar to what you do in your news articles, but just reading is not recommended. Decide your editorial focus. If you are a subject matter or personal development expert, which can cover many things and people come to your website or YouTube channel, they need to know when to find you and what you will be talking about. It gets confusing if you talk about exercise, and the next day, you talk about finances unless something ties them together. Define your niche and then own it. Select a niche you are passionate about and have or can have a lot to share with your viewers.

Consistency is the key to success

The most common problem among people is that when they make their first video, they take so much time polishing, re-editing, and refining it that they don’t do the second one for a month. You must have content regularly. You do need to decide the editorial output you expect and your calendar. It is recommended to do two videos per week. You will never build an audience if you choose to do a video whenever you feel like it. People will not be able to build a relationship with you. Today, the most popular talk shows or magazines are successful because people know where and when to find them, due to their regularity. Consistency is the critical factor in their fame.

Don’t target 100% accuracy

Pick an editorial schedule and prepare video content regularly for everything within your niche. If you hold yourself to the standard that you cannot make any mistakes and start to edit each word out that has something wrong, you will never finish a video. Treat each video as you are live on some show, and don’t redo or edit too much. Just talk to people; as long you have good information to share, they will not care if you make some minor mistakes. The fact that you stumble over any word will not matter. The more important thing is that you have a passion for your niche, you care about it, and you can give other people a sense of what is essential and what they need to know. Your viewers must get a feeling that you are a reliable source of information for them. Every time people come to your video, they must be clear about what you are talking about. Whether you are a large or small corporation or just one person, it does not matter. The thing that is going to matter is whether you have good content.

A lot of simple videos where you just talk to the camera are necessary and more complex videos with fancy editing, which you may or may not like to do. After this mental preparation, develop the courage to come in front of the camera and actually record a video to share with the world. Please do not spend too much time writing and revising scripts and editing them. Just go for it and make a recording on the camera. Don’t preoccupy yourself with writing and rewriting the scripts. If you are already in a job talking about your area of expertise with your clients or people you work with, then you know how to do it. Pretend you are talking to a person on a video call and record a video. First, it will feel awkward, but this will be the start of a fabulous journey.

Final thought

Once you decide to make a YouTube channel to communicate with the world and share your valuable information, there are some things you have to make yourself clear about. This homework and pre-preparation will make your move in the right direction with the most effective strategies. Define your objective or purpose; why do you want to make this channel? Then identify your niche thoughtfully and focus it. Try to be natural as possible. Do not waste time editing every mistake during your conversation; instead, focus on communicating in a regular pattern, i.e., specific days or a regular basis, so that your audience does not find difficulty finding you. Then step into the practical work of recording videos and overcome the fear of coming in front of the camera as soon as possible.

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